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Posted by d280668993 on June 11th, 2012

Looking for a SWTOR Datacron Guide? Good news! In this post I'm going to let you know what these mysterious artifacts are, why are they important and most important, where to find them.

So, for the first chapter ofBuy Tera Account this short SWTOR Datacron guide, let's see...

What are Datacrons?

Datacrons are relics or artifacts that can be found throughout the whole Star Wars: The Old Republic universe. Each planet has its share of Datacrons, and if you want to improve your character, you should find them all.

The look like small cubes and emit a colorful, bright glow. They're not difficult to locate, but in most cases it's not quite easy to get to their position and collect them. Once you have a Datacron in your grasp, a cutscene will start and you will be granted the attributes of that specific Datacron.

A Datacron is visible to you until you pick it up. They don't change location and, thank God, you don't have to camp a certain location for hours or days to obtain one.

Why are SWTOR Datacrons so important?

Since most of the Datacrons grant you stats points, it's best to have as many as possible, if not all of them, to bolster your character's attributes and deal more damage, healing or becoming a threatening target.

For example the three Buy Tera Account Datacrons on Tython, the jedi starting planet will grant you:

Datacron 1: +2 Endurance
Datacron 2: +2 Willpower
Datacron 3: Blue Matrix Shard

As you can see, some of the Datacrons contain Matrix Shards which you must process and combine into Matrix Cubes (three by three), to obtain powerful mods.

To assemble and respectively disassemble a Matrix Cube, you will need to access a Matrix Assembly, which can be found on Coruscant for the Republic, and on Dromund Kaas for Empire.

To deconstruct a Matrix Cube, you will have to access a disassembler which basically looks like the assembler, but in order to power it you will need a special component, a Reconstructed Disassembler Core which is quite pricey. It currently costs 20. 000 credits. Therefore, be careful which shards you put into your Matrix Cube.

Where to find Datacrons?

The last tag of this short SWTOR datacrons guide refers to the locations of Datacrons. Currently there are 66 Datacrons comprised in the Star Wars: TheBuy Tera Account Old Republic universe and there probably are more to be added in future patches. The existent ones are scattered on all 17 planets. The list is quite a bit long.

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