What Happens when you opt for Fiber Optic Internet?

Posted by Jennifer Truong on February 27th, 2020

Whether you want to upload a large file, connect with a client online, or want to surf, high-speed internet is necessary all the time. To do all these things simultaneously without any interruptions, you want to go for Fiber Optic Internet. It can provide speeds up to 1000 Mbps delivering a seamless experience.

In this blog, we are going to talk about what all you can do if you opt for fiber optic internet.

Smart Home And Security

Fibers can receive data from IoT devices and convert them into electrical signals. This way, you can connect every aspect of your home and run it seamlessly from your smart device. Additionally, you can also protect your home with Smart Home Security technology.

Fewer Carbon Footprints

Power generation is one of the biggest factors that impact global warming. To curb its effects each one of us needs to be on our toes. Smart grid technology using fiber optic internet can improve electricity generation thereby reducing carbon emissions. By that means, it contributes to the environment as well!

E-Government & Civic Participation:

With Fiber internet, live streaming of municipal, state and federal processes becomes swift. And with everything going online, it becomes easier to build trust among their citizens and provide the transparency they are looking for. Additionally, it also engages the public making the government affairs more effective.

Increased Safety

As per Chapter 16 on TNBP, the internet helps prevent and respond to emergencies quickly. Public safety personnel are able to respond to them swiftly as and when they occur. It also provides the public with new ways of calling for help and receiving emergency information.

Here’s how:

  • It allows first-responders to send and receive critical voice, video, and data from anywhere. It can save lives, prevent acts of terror and injuries.
  • You can access emergency services to send and receive vital information.
  • You receive the required information about emergencies and disasters to prepare for safety in advance.
  • It increases the security of the nation’s networks reducing the threats to e-commerce and other applications.

Improved Living For Old Age

Most of the affordable home automation products are cloud-based and internet-dependent. By using them, old people can get assistance with daily chores and tasks. Products like voice-activated devices and panic alarms make living easier for senior citizens or disable people.

Benefits Of Fiber Optic Internet Service:

Faster Access: Fiber allows high-speed access, even with multiple members for hosting, storing, or even CRM access.

Bandwidth: Gone are the days of slow internet speed, delay in data processing, and low video quality. With single-mode or multi-mode fiber optic cables, you can experience high-speed internet.

Fewer Latency Issues: Latency refers to the delay in data processing like downloading or uploading HD content. With fiber optic technology, you get uninterrupted fastest download and upload, voice-quality, etc.

Consistency: Your single-mode fiber or a fiber optic patch cord transfers data through a beam of light. The thinness of fiber cable optimizes the capacity of the data transformation. So, these cables are reliable, light-weight, thinner, and resistant to environmental hazards. They provide reliable internet service for constant data transmission across the globe.

Resistance to Interference: Fiber internet signals do not degrade or disappear even with electromagnetic interference. If you share a telecommunication room with other businesses, it becomes easy to protect connectivity. For example, other organizations use the equipment then it can interfere with your connection. Fiber optic technology prevents that.

Support for HD: With Fiber optic technology, you get the most qualified way to support digital conferences. With this, companies can save thousands of dollars per employee each year.

Overall Cost-Effective

Fiber optic technology helps you in eliminating speed issues that could result in increased productivity. The major reason behind this is that your business can suffer from unreliable connectivity. And it may cost you thousands of dollars each year. Perhaps your business will gain scalability with fiber-optics.

So, ready to future-proof your space with reliable internet service having high speed at a lesser cost? Contact SF Cable for single-mode fiber, fiber optic patch cord or any of your fiber optic requirements and we will help you make the right decision.

Source: https://www.sfcable.com/blog/what-happens-opt-fiber-optic-internet/

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