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Posted by thenewsgiraffe on February 27th, 2020

Wine has been made in Israel from biblical times, most often for sacramental purposes. In the modern era Kosher wine, varying in quality, was mostly produced and exported to Jewish communities. As the knowledge of wine production in Israel increased so too did the quality of wine produced and today there are over 300 wineries producing high quality wine for the local and international market. There are four main wine producing regions in Israel: Galilee, the Judean hills around Jerusalem, the Samson region, the Negev desert region, and the Shomron region. If you are looking to experience the wine available in Israel finding a hotel in Jerusalem and traveling to different vineyard from there is definitely a good idea.

One of the big annual wine events in Israel is the Jerusalem wine festival. This two-day summer event, hosted by the Israel Museum, allows attendees to taste a variety of wines from many different wineries in Israel. It is a must-attend for any wine-lover but it is in the peak tourism season, so be sure to book a hotel in Jerusalem early enough so you can tour the city at day and enjoy the best of what Israeli wine has to offer in the evening.

If a summer trip to Jerusalem is not for you but the wine tasting is, there is no need to worry. Various hotels in Jerusalem offer wine tasting events or have wine tasting bars in the hotel. You can enjoy the bar atmosphere while tasting your wines or have a three course meal with an experienced sommelier guiding you through the different wine and food pairings.

Jerusalem’s wine scene also offers visitors numerous bar and restaurant options where the food is traditional and delicious and the wine list is varied and long. Many of these locations can be found just a stone’s throw away from your Jerusalem hotel, making it easy to explore all your options.

If just tasting the Israeli wine is not enough you can take a car and visit some of the wineries just outside of Jerusalem to see exactly what they do and taste the wine at its source. Some farms will even let you cut grapes to take home. As you are touring the farm and tasting their product you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the hills of Judea. There are also various wine and culinary tours you can book to ensure you get the best experience possible.

With Israel’s open attitude towards new wine technology and its large export market, it has become a leader in wine production in the Eastern Mediterranean and it should definitely be on any oenophile’s list of places to visit.

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