IPhone 8 Display Specifications

Posted by AbdulMaxwell on February 27th, 2020

Every time a new iPhone is launched on the market, many news appear about the differences and improvements that have been applied with respect to previous versions. On this occasion, the iPhone 8 screen brings us a series of features that are worth knowing. Its functionality has taken a considerable turn and, although in appearance many parameters have been respected, it is in the usability and visualization of the content where we will find and perceive a remarkable improvement.

True tone; Natural color technology
One of the most striking developments in the new iPhone 8 screen focuses on user experience when it comes to showing colors in a completely natural way. We had only been able to observe this months before on the iPad Pro, where Apple has already opted to include this functionality in its screens.

With True Tone technology we can feel how the visual content shown adapts in intensity and color to the environment around us. Tone calibration allows colors to graduate automatically, something that had never been achieved. The differences are visible in broad daylight in front of any other screen.

Retina HD and features that promise
The iPhone 8 screen replacement screen has been renewed with the new True Tone technology, but has not neglected any other part of its composition and performance. With a resolution of 1,334 x 750 pixels at 326 p / p, its Retina HD and the presence of dual domain pixels within its wide color range, we can enjoy any video or image even by testing different limits of viewing angle.

3D Touch will continue to provide a much more fluid and personalized interaction with content within 4.7 inches of the iPhone 8 screen. Its LCD Multi-Touch technology ensures full immersion and coordination, allowing us to notice the difference of a Remarkable way to change terminals. There is no doubt that the new iPhone 8 has really attractive and efficient features on its screen.

IPhone 8 Plus Display Specifications
The new iPhone 8 Plus brings with it a series of really interesting news for those who love technology and its applications, for those people able to immerse themselves in the world of interaction in virtual communication and interaction under a great performance and better screen. The benefits offered by the iPhone 8 Plus screen are remarkable and today, there is hardly any competition in terms of quality / efficiency.

5.5 and True Tone screen for whites
The dimensions of the screen remain at 5.5 inches, respecting those already brought by the previous iPhone 7 Plus model, as it still does not include a greater depth of pixels on the screen. Insufficient reason for not perceiving large differences and improvements with this new model.

However, True Tone technology allows us to notice the difference as soon as we observe the contents, since its main feature is to offer a range of natural targets and appropriate to the environment that surrounds us, automatically regulating, which allows this screen to become in a reference hardly comparable in the current market.

Retina Display HD and high resolution
This version still has the same IPS Retina HD screen as its little brother, however, the dimensions of this large format and the resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels, added to its True Tone technology, make viewing the contents result Be a true experience for the senses.

And if that were not enough, both models share a wide color range P3 screen, 3D Touch technology and dual domain pixel insertion to offer a wide viewing angle.

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