How to Find Oodles of Gold With a WoW Mining Guide

Posted by g280668993 on June 13th, 2012

There are a lot of players in Wow that constantly finding ways to earn gold and only a fraction of those players are successful because these people use Wow guides to help them out. Although you Diablo III gold can loot some money from dead mobs, you can gain more by selling raw materials and items to others. A Wow mining guide can help you earn money by means of mining - one of the primary gathering professions in World of warcraft. You will need this Wow mining guide if you want to earn money through money as quick as possible.

Mining is considered the best gathering profession in Wow if you are serious in making money. It can even be better if you get this gathering profession along with another gathering profession like skinning or herbalism since other resource nodes can be found as you mine as well.

Early in the game, you will need a mining pick to begin your expedition. If you are aiming to make some fast money, it is best to look for green or gray resource nodes as they are the easiest to mine and are normally not heavily guarded with enemies.

But every Wow mining guide will encourage you to mine resource nodes that are yellow or orange because they have higher levels of increasing your skill level. Then when your skill leveldiablo 3 power leveling increases, you have access to more valuable resource nodes which are worth more money.

The different areas in Wow can be quite vast and roaming around every instance looking for good spots can be tiring especially if you need resources as soon as possible. In this case, use an in-depth Wow mining guide or a map to find the best resource nodes available.

A good skill level to target is 175 because it allows you to mine Mithril which is one of the most sought resources in Wow because of the powerful items that can be created using Mithril. You can sell these items for decent amounts and there are some areas where you can patrol back and forth with Mithril resource nodes at both ends. Make sure you avoid grey resource nodes if you are hoping to reach skill level 175. Also remember that you can go beyond that all the way up to 355 where you can mine valuable nodes like Obsidian Chunks with ease.

The bad thing about getting into mining expeditions is the diablo 3 powerleveling fact that mining picks eat up inventory space. You can solve this problem by finding a weapon that also serves as a mining pick and then equipping it. There are a few items that raise your mining skill as well like the Goblin Mining Helmet making it a bit easier to mine valuable resource nodes.

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