SEO vs. SEM : Which One To Prefer For Your Business Growth

Posted by seo expert brisbane on February 27th, 2020

Complexity and Excitement both are closely connected with the World of Digital Marketing. With the evolution of marketing, language has never been secluded from this advancement. Honestly if we confess, we are all guilty of overlapping certain terms or acronyms in some or other contexts. The two popular terms which have been through such confusing instance can be SEO and SEM. Both have coacting connection. While using them to their fullest of authority, we can have tremendous marketing results.

So before jumping further, let’s have a quick look to what exactly both are…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website and its content is created to attract search engine traffic. In order to SEO one’s content, SEO agencies with keyword research, keyword optimization, content organization and content promotion. Basically this strategy is of multiple types:

  • Product Pages (Bread & butter of any retail e-commerce site)
  • Blog Posts (Flexible & helps in building authority)
  • Articles (News, features piece or interview)
  • Lists (Article in list framing)
  • Guide (User guide with multiple broken pages)
  • Videos (Using transcripts through videos)
  • Infographics (Figurative representation of data)
  • Slideshows (Presentation of a series of interlinked images)
  • Glossaries (Technical terminologies)
  • Directories (Amalgamation of taxonomy of resources/ sites/ links)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is associated with advertising on search engines, e.g. Google. Its goal is to make the content accessible to the largest group of relevant audience possible. SEM is connected with Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and SEA is used in SEM strategies. Instead of investing in advertisements for specific keywords and phrases, organizations must bid on that specific keyword or phrase. Appearance of advertisement depends not only on bidding but also quality score which includes a number of aspects into consideration, such as:

  • Landing page
  • Keyword relevancy
  • Click – through rate
  • Ad relevancy
  • Historical performance

In short, we can summarize that SEM is a salaried strategy and SEO is a fundamental strategy.

Advocating either side could come out as considering one more efficient than another. However, I would view high – quality SEO as groundwork for high – quality SEM as both are having extreme value and should be considered as a part of your B2B marketing strategy.  

Search engine marketing campaign can include not only SEO but also SEM. As both strategies are used for the expansion of a page on the internet, but SEA requires paid ads, whereas SEO does not. Rather SEO’s focal point is strategies that enable the content’s appearance on the highest at the search engine organically while using noticeable keywords and phrases. Some places for the usage of keywords are:

  • In titles, headings, sub-headings
  • Throughout the content
  • In meta content
  • In image tags
  • In the URLs

On the one hand, SEM comes up with speedy results while SEO is time taking. It takes Google time to review an article or a website but once it is established, it will be economical as well as provide the best of results with credibility.

SEO lays the bedrock for SEM with well optimized content that anticipate and customer friendly. Without web pages, blog contents and landing pages, SEM efforts will plunge because of poor quality and thus resulting in gaining visibility in SERPs extremely difficult. But at the very moment consistency must be practiced for the creation of quality content.

But if you are launching your initial fresh website and trying to create introductory footprint for the promotion of product or service, in the case your immediate presence is more important until you create your organic credibility. Still you are required to create excellent content to fetch the attention of visitor for once and can increase credibility.

Although the most of marketing agency is based on pay – per – click concept, still combing it with SEO can result in getting the utmost appearance on the search engine with maximum of profits.

SEM is the easiest way for the companies to get a quick and easy access to boost their ranking at search engine. Sometimes it can be expensive, but beneficial too, as Google do not rely much on advertisements to determine ranking. With the application of appropriate strategies at appropriate places, a company may have high chances to be the best at search engines for today and tomorrow without even spending a lot.

So as a concluding remark, it should be suitable to say that one must evaluate what is the best for one’s particular needs before availaing SEO services or SEM services.

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