How To Clean Your Baseball Hat With Step By Step Approach

Posted by Digitalengineer on February 27th, 2020

Whether you utilize your baseball cap for occasional work, or you are using it to play, you need to follow some instructions to keep in clean. The best thing you can do is read the given instruction present in the interior end of the hat. The manufacturer team generates these instructions so that customers can maintain the integrity of the cap. If you are keeping it for occasional causes and you want to keep it quiet fresh, then feel free to go for professional Ball Cap Washer.  

During your work in the yards, or in between the summer hikes, you may observe that your beloved cap was losing its charm and started looking worse. Somehow if it's happening, then get ready to recognize the right way for cap washing. 

Simple Quick Clean 

If you just need to refresh the baseball cap then mind these tips; 

  • Take a basin and fill it with the cool water, followed by adding the detergent in it. Soak the hat in it and stir that water to create the foam. Let it dunk for 5 to 10 minutes. 
  • Use the cool water to rinse it properly or remove the excess water, without twisting the brim. 
  • Take a clean towel and pat it gently, then you can hang up the hat to get it dry, you can also perform the whole procedure with the use of the Cap Washing Frame.

The Deep Clean - 

Just look at the given instruction if you want to get the brand new look of your hat back. 

  • Start by putting the gloves on, and fill your basin with clean, cool water, followed by adding the color-safe bleach. 
  • For specific target spots, gently scrub the spot with detergent. Then dunk the hat in the Oxiclean and leave it for 1 hour. You can see the removal of a spot with naked eyes. 
  • Then rinse the hat in cool water, and let it dry for some time. 

Special note - if you have spotted over your vintage hat, then avoid rinsing it fully, instead, you can prefer to clean the areas with detergent and simple wash  

Sometimes it's not good to follow the DIY approach if you feel you cannot carry out the cleaning process without damaging the hat. In case of delicate matters, prefer to take help from the Baseball Hat Washer, who will clean the hat with special considerations. 

What you should avoid doing - 

Avoid putting the cap into laundry - These washer and dryers are not good for your hat. These high-efficiency washers lack the agitating centers or gentle cycles. And the dry or hot air is also not good for the shape of your hat. 

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