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Posted by reportsinsightdesign on February 27th, 2020

Within the scope of an organization, a Sustainability Reports exposes information about its economic, environmental, and social and governance performance. It is appreciated that it is increasingly common for companies to want to make their operations more sustainable, and create processes for the elaboration of sustainability reports. It allows them to measure performance, set goals and manage the necessary changes.

A sustainability report is understood as a platform to communicate positive and negative sustainability impacts, and to capture information that can influence the organization's policy, strategy and operations on an ongoing basis. The development of a sustainability report includes the measurement, dissemination and accountability of internal and external interest groups in relation to the organization's performance. You can hire annual report designers to design your report more attractive.


As you can feel, the elaboration of sustainability reports is a very broad term that is considered synonymous with other terms. It also used to describe information related to economic, environmental and social impact, such as the triple income statement or triple balance sheet, or Corporate social responsibility reports (CSR or CSR).

Reasons to prepare of this type of report:

  • Improve their understanding of the risks and opportunities they face.
  • Improve your reputation and brand loyalty.
  • Facilitate interest groups understanding about performance and sustainability impacts.
  • Highlight the relationship between financial and non-financial presentation.
  • Influence long-term management policies and strategy, as well as business plans.
  • Compare and evaluate sustainability performance with respect to what is established in laws, regulations, codes, operating standards and voluntary initiatives.
  • Demonstrate how the organization influences and is influenced by expectations related to sustainable development.
  • Compare performance internally over time, as well as with other organizations.
  • Comply with national regulations or with requirements of the Stock Exchanges.

Advantages of preparing sustainability report

Here is a direct connection between the preparation of sustainability reports and the achievement of real changes in the company. Many of us have wondered why generate a sustainability report. Studies of the GRI Institute (Global Reporting Initiative) have shown that the advantages are many. Below, you can see the main benefits for those who are encouraged to develop a sustainability report:

When preparing a sustainability report, the vision and strategy of the company is clarified. And short and long term goals are defined. The exercise defines the strategy towards sustainable products, environmentally friendly processes and social responsibility. The Prospectus Designers will help you to create best sustainability report.

Adopting a Management System to report sustainability creates a positive discipline, which orders the company in several processes. Likewise, it fosters innovation to achieve the established sustainability objectives. Thanks to this, cost savings, waste reductions, process improvements and product quality are quickly generated.

The strengths and weaknesses of the company are detected in front of its customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders. This "Materiality Analysis" allows knowing the issues that require more attention inside and outside the company. As well as preventing and managing the risk factors of the business that is related to sustainability. It is also important to make your Prospectus Design more attractive.

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