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Posted by jackbandy on June 15th, 2012

While it is true that there is no dearth of online games, a point which is equally true is the fact that to find the right game for your kids when you need it is certainly difficult. For kids below ten years of age, Dora the explorer is the ultimate idol in terms of combining learning with fun and adventure. Therefore you can safely allow your children to be enthralled by Dora games online in their leisure time by visiting www.jeuxdora.fr. These games are entertaining as also suitable for the kids of this age bracket and Jeux Dora .fr has an amazing collection of games based on this character.
Dora is a seven year old Latina girl and plays the central role in all the games on Jeux Dora .fr. In most of games she is accompanied by other characters like Boots the Monkey, Swiper the fox, Tico the purple squirrel and Diego. One of the main reasons as to why you should introduce www.jeuxdora.fr to your kids is because the games on this website allow your kids to be a part of exciting outdoor adventure. In fact, the level of interaction is inevitable so that if your child does not direct Dora then the adventure would not proceed forward. Thus, it helps your child develop decision-making abilities while triggering his imagination.  
Because the Dora games on www.jeuxdora.fr require whole-hearted involvement they not only keep your kids entertained but also help them to brush up on their studies by incorporating all kinds of problems. Kids can learn a great deal of things by playing these games, like improving their attention span, learning new shapes and colors, counting and building their vocabulary. Jeux Dora .fr also has coloring games which allows kids to have a blast coloring their favorite characters from the show. Differentiating between objects is another aspect which is dealt with in these games. 
The coloring games on Jeux Dora .fr are quite simple and easy since these are designed keeping in mind the age group that would be visiting this site and playing the game. Coloring, in case of online games offered by www.jeuxdora.fr, entails using the ‘fill page with’ command in MS Paint.  The outline of the drawing to be colored is given and all that is required of the child is to simply click on the desired color from the palette provided. Next the cursor is moved and clicked on the exact spot where the child wants the color to be applied. That area would be filled with the selected color completely and subsequently the entire picture is colored. 
Some of the games on www.jeuxdora.fr like puzzle games and cooking games help the kids to grasp the basics of learning and also induce them to devise good and effective strategies in order to win the game. Jeux Dora .fr has received a lot of support and appreciation from umpteen parents the world over because these games provide valuable exposure to the kids. In addition, kids get the opportunity to figure out solutions to various problems presented to them during the game-play. Thus this website is a true mirror of the playway method of learning as propounded by Freidrich Froebel and Maria Montessori. 
Now, Jeux Dora .fr may be a French website and the content may be in the French but the audio in the game, i.e. the dialogues and speeches are in English and so are the words on the in-game screen. In this way www.jeuxdora.fr has a universal touch which makes it appealing to children all over the world irrespective of their language and culture. Moreover, the games do not have to be downloaded and can be played online. A small amount of patience is required though because some of the games have loading time which may be long or short depending on the game chosen. 

Nowadays there are many online games for children and one of them is jeux Dora .fr which features the animation character Dora as its central theme. In order to expose your child to this amazing world of learning while having fun all you need to do is type in the id www.jeuxdora.fr and wait for a plethora of games to upload.

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