Tips for Keeping Your Windows Clean During the winter

Posted by Sta Clean on February 27th, 2020

Winters are synonyms to dust. Being dry and cold, winters are notorious for accumulating a whole lot of dust. Whether it is our shoes and shelves, or fans and ventilators, everything is covered in dust.

Even our furniture and furnishings accumulate loads of dust, so much so that it becomes really hectic to clean them later.

One of the foremost furnishings that we need to maintain is our windows. Our windows are the only openings in our house that we rely on. It serves the crucial purpose of circulating air. Moreover, it also acts as the only gateway to the outside and becomes all the more promising in the winters due to our reduced activities outside. Besides, being made out of the glass with a lot of channels and gaps, dust and dirt settle there quite easily. However, windows are to be cleaned periodically in order to maintain them in perfect condition.

How to Clean the Windows Effortlessly in the winters?

Cleaning the windows is a real challenge for most people. However, if you know the process, then it definitely becomes extremely easy for you.

Things you would need

The first thing to do is to accumulate the essentials that you would need in this process. The materials you would need are:

  • Rubber gloves or waterproof gloves to protect your hands from dirt and cold. Layering rubber fish gloves are far more effective here. So, try them over ordinary gloves or woolen gloves.
  • Dishwashing soap and water.
  • Bucket and squeegees.
  • Extra pair of towels.
  • Ladder if you need it.

These are the primary list of things that you would be needed before you embark on your mission of Window Cleaning Marin County CA.

In case you live in an area where snow falls during the winters, then fix a date when the temperature is above the freezing point. This is because otherwise, you would run the risk of the water getting frozen. However, if you happen to start it on such a fateful day, then try and add some rubbing alcohol on the solution of soap and water. Add the alcohol in the ratio of 3:1, where 3 part of the mixture shall contain 1 part of the alcohol. This will keep the water from freezing.

Tips for Cleaning Windows

If you plan to clean windows in the winters then you’re in luck because we are here with the easiest hacks to make it easy for you. Go through the steps mentioned below and make cleaning windows a hassle-free affair.

  • The first and foremost step you need to follow is to clean the window sills and tracks. This makes things systematic.
  • You need to hurry up to reduce the chances of frosting.
  • Clean the expansive panes of the windows first because they are the ones that face the brunt.
  • Now, proceed to squeegee from top to the bottom of your windows and wipe it after each stroke.
  • Keep on changing towels to keep everything clean.
  • Lastly, keep an abundant supply of water because you never know when you will run out of it.

With these convenient steps cleaning of windows won’t be a nightmare anymore. So, get, set and sparkle your windows!

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