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‘Matrix 4’ Theory thwarts Keanu’s role as Neo

Posted by hussainrashida39 on February 27th, 2020

With the onset of shooting ‘Matrix 4’ earlier this month, doubts have surfaced over the leak of story details before the film’s release. But now, explaining about how Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, both of whose characters appeared to die in The Matrix Revolutions have resumed their action chores has become an inevitable need of the hour.

The collision of ideas: Clear plot manipulation

One option is to posteriorly establish continuity with a plot device that negates Neo and Trinity’s death, countering the clear implication of the previous film. If that sounds like cheap plot manipulation, Reddit user u/dinguschungus states two theories allowing Reeves and Moss’ return without undercutting the previous films!

The apocalyptic blend

They are founded upon the revelation from The Matrix Reloaded that Neo is actually the sixth Chosen One, where the previous versions have all chosen to destroy Zion and pick 23 people to rebuild and thus ensures another repeat of the Machine War. Exterminating mankind potentially but also giving it a chance to break free of the cycle of wars seems to be the contributing ideology if you wonder.

What if it’s an open ended storyline?

It’s however possible that Reeves and Moss are playing the original Neo and Trinity, who were duplicated and integrated into the Matrix later on in the timeline of the existing films and invites thoughts that the new movie is set before the First Machine War. Therefore, opening up a lot of storytelling opportunities for a prequel about how the world of the first three films came to be remains the simple tagline!

They’d probably be pretty upsetting in one shot.

But if the new franchise is set within the Matrix, Reeves and Moss might play later versions of Neo and Trinity which would dovetail nicely with how Revolutions ends.

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