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How Collection Companies Can Get Benefited with VICIDial Collection Module

Posted by elision on February 27th, 2020

VICIDial is one of the leading call center solutions. It has been in use by many companies all across the world. Some of these companies are collection companies and these companies use this call center solution to run collection related campaigns. As VICIDial is an open source and general call center software, it does not have the required features to automate operations specific to collection companies. All operations such as lead filtering, callback, etc. need to be handled manually. Here comes call center collection module integration into the picture!

If you are running a collection company using VICIDial, then you should integrate collection module in it. There are some companies which offer ready to use collection module for call center solutions which are developed to simplify the operations of collection companies. Furthermore, they offer VICIDial collection module integration.

There are many benefits of using this type of integrated solution and some of them are shared in this article:

1. Save time

In a call center, time saved is more like money saved. In a collection company, if time is saved, then that saved time can be used to run more campaigns and call more leads for collection. For example, it will filter all those leads which have already paid EMIs of this month. This will save time of agents. Integration of collection module in VICIDial: call center solution helps in achieving this. It automates many operations. Once the operations are automated, a lot of time can be saved as manual efforts can be reduced.

2. Increase efficiency

As mentioned earlier, collection module automates multiple operations and thus all those operations are taken care of by the call center solution itself. This reduces the chances of errors which are common when humans take care of these operations. This increases accuracy and speed which ultimately increases efficiency.

3. Increase ROI

Increased efficiency and saved time help in calling more leads. It helps in increasing collection. More leads can be reached within less time and more calls for collection can be made. This results in more collection aka business and ultimately better results. This helps in increasing revenues. Furthermore, collection module saves time and increases efficiency. It saves time and many other resources. Thus, it results in saving money. Saved time and money and increased collection and revenues increase Returns over Investment (ROI).


Collection module is one of the most efficient and powerful add-on that can be integrated into the VICIDial call center solution. Once integrated, it can bring a positive shift in the working model. It can take care of a wide array of operations and that also in the most efficient manner. Collection module is developed by some VICIDial experts and VICIDial customization service provider companies. The collection companies that use VICIDial call center solution can request integration of this module in their existing system. Without adding any complexities or roadblock, this module can be integrated and used. The companies themselves provide the VICIDial collection module integration services. Anyone can use this module to run their collection company and its campaigns more efficiently.

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