Onyxia's role experience

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The Earl of the Stormwind-Katrina Prestor

Onyxia participated in Stormwind's politics as a human noble, Katrana Presto, and due to her beauty and knowledge, she was soon appreciated by the then regent, Duke Berval Fortagan. And trust. Usually, she and the Duke of Berval Fortagan stood on the sides of the young king Varian Wrynn, and the position of the Countess in Stormwind City could be seen. However, the corruption of the Stormwind aristocracy, the devastation of the Defias Brotherhood, and the disappearance of the old King Varian Wrynn are said to have more or less been associated with Ms. Katrina Prestor. relationship. She sheltered her brother Nefarian from doing colorful dragon experiments in the Black Rock Mountains, and refused to send soldiers to the lakeside town. As a result, the people of the lakeside town were persecuted by Black Hatchlings and Black Stone Orcs and lived in deep water. ZZWOW can help players get a lot of cheap Warcraft gold. With the help of this gold, players can exchange any weapon they want.

Coup d ', at, Countess Katrina Presto begins to flee

Marshal Reginald Windsor, who was supposed to be held in the Black Iron Abyss and Black Iron Dwarf Prison, escaped from the Black Stone Abyss and reached the Storm Fortress, demonstrating the truth of the Countess Catrana Prestor in public. Identity-Black Dragon Princess Onyxia. The black dragon princess, who was ashamed, showed a prototype and slashed Reginald Windsor with a flash of lightning, and the Royal Guard of Stormwind in Stormwind Fortress also restored the real Black Dragonman at this time, against Berval Fortagan. Attacking, Onyxia fled back to the black dragon's lair in the dusty swamp.

Onyxia's multiple deaths

First time

He killed the black dragons who besieged him, and looked at Marshal Reginald Windsor's body before finally waking up. The Duke of Fortagan immediately summoned the Alliance's warriors to attack Onyxia's lair to take revenge on this respectable old comrade. In the end, Onyxia was killed by the warriors, and his head was hung from the Storm Gate to show publicity.

Second time

During the WLK period, Onyxia was resurrected and strengthened due to unknown reasons (it can be considered to be affected by some natural disaster dark matter). But even so, she still couldn't escape the fate of her head suspended from the storm gate.

Third time

In the fission event of the earth, Onyxia's brother Nefarian was rescued by his father's death wings. Nefarian continued experiments on the black wing blood ring at the top of the Black Rock, transforming his sister Onyxia into an unconscious, stitched by needle and thread , A monster dragon with discharge ability. WOW Classic Gold For Sale also played a big role, helping players to become more powerful. Of course, at the end of the Blackwing Blood Ring, the pair of black dragon brothers and sisters could not escape the fate of being killed by the player.

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