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Posted by Inter Biz Consulting on February 28th, 2020

The business entity is a bunch of people gathered to generate profits or to do charity by their activities. Starting a business is something really a big decision to take and the process to get the same registered is nothing less than conquering a fort. Hence, we are here to help you guide and assist in this hefty task, thus making it smoother allowing you to focus more towards productive and revenue-generating works.

Major types and modes in which one can register their business in the Philippines – such as

1. Sole Proprietorship Business – Sole proprietor business is a worldwide model where an individual decides to take upon a business who has full control over assets and liabilities of the business, takes full responsibility for the happening of any event in the business, he/she enjoy profit and bears losses solely. This type of business must apply for a name to the designated authorities of the country of its operations.

2. Partnership Business – Partnership business is a business model available all across the globe where more than one person intending to bear losses and to enjoy profits in accordance with their role and contribution come together to do activities generating revenues. Share of anything starting from responsibilities to the bearing of losses everything is predetermined and changes only by consent of each partner. In the Philippines, a partnership having a capital of more than Peso 3,000 needs to get registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

3. Corporation – A corporation must necessarily be registered under the Corporation Code regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) consisting at least of 15 incorporators having at least 1 share. Minimum Share Capita must be Peso 5,000.

Above-mentioned being the basics of business registration are much tiring, hence require a helping hand. We are best to provide company registration in the Philippines. We also provide services relating to Staffing outsourcing in the Philippines for your new or well-established business at a really affordable price.

A Building Permit is an official permit issued by the authorities to proceed with the construction of a new building or to renovate an existing one or to completely demolish a structure to start with a new one. Whatever is your requirement, you need to get permission from the concerned department. And we can help you get the same by also helping you with documentation and other processes.

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