how often should i replace my car battery?

Posted by sere on February 28th, 2020

In terms of car maintenance, \"normal\" is determined by many factors that exist in theory but rarely pass.

For example, under normal circumstances, the average normal life of the battery is four years.

In this case, \"normal\" means that the battery goes through a full charging cycle, is not affected by extreme temperatures, is connected to a reliable and consistent charging system, and does not provide power to a large number of accessories.

Normal is not normal.

In the real world, extreme temperatures, vibrations, short trips along the street and constant

More and more MP3 players, GPS receivers and other devices have caused losses to the battery.

If you look at a typical thread

Acid maintenance-

The free car battery makes it easy to understand why these factors affect the normal battery life.

The plastic box contains plates of materials such as lead and carbon dioxide.

These plates are suspended in a mixture of water and sulfuric acid to form an electrolytic solution.

This solution allows electrons to flow between boards-

The flow of electrons is essentially electricity.

This chemical reaction is disturbed by many factors.

The vibration of rough travel or bad travel

The fixed battery may loosen or damage the battery.

Extremely hot accelerates the chemical reaction, shortening the battery life, while extreme cold sometimes extends the battery life by slowing down the reaction.

That\'s why some batteries are covered with insulated sleeves to maintain extreme temperatures.

Driving style also affects the response.

It takes a lot of power to start the car, so the charging system has to step in to replenish the battery.

If you have a short commute, or a short trip, the battery will never be fully charged.

The constant state of this under-charge leads to acid stratification.

Inside the battery, the electrolytic solution is homogeneous--

Or it\'s the same all the way--

To a rough vertical split.

The upper part of the solution is light acid, while the bottom is heavy acid.

The light acid layer will begin to corrosion the plate, and the heavy acid solution will begin to compensate the electrical needs of the car by working harder than the design work.

The result is a shorter battery life, although the battery is shown to be under routine testing.

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