Do you really know which luxury mattress brands are in Europe and America?

Posted by hw on February 28th, 2020

For years, people have been tirelessly searching for the best and most comfortable mattresses. Of all the brands, the most famous are Tempur-Pedic, Kingsdown, Select Comfort and Healthsmart. They are also the best-selling brands in the world. The domestic mattress market has just opened, and the products are mixed. Many manufacturers sell inferior products under the brand of European and American high-end mattresses. Many consumers spend tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in home shopping malls. Worth a few hundred dollars. So in the market of such mixed mattresses, which are the real European and American high-end mattress brands?

Swedish top mattress brand HASTENS

Hastens' Vividus brand bed is arguably the most expensive bed in the world. The name of the brand is derived from the Greek word "life is everywhere". Sleeping on a bed designed by the Swedish Vidius brand is often described as "sleeping in the cloud." Everything about Vividus is striking, including his $ 59,750 tag, of course. It's all far from the average $ 700 mattress that we often use. A top Vividus mattress in China has a price close to one million.

Kluft Kraft mattress made by American craftsman spirit

It should be regarded as the highest-end luxury mattress brand in the United States. The fillings are all made of German ponytail, New Zealand cashmere, organic cotton, and Traray latex. The price is of course superb.

The mattress is characterized by a choice of organization design, and the surface is decorated with a large piece of wedge-shaped blue medallion to show its solemn and noble appearance. Elegant, simple and low-key, this is Kluft's first impression. Extravagance and luxury are the feelings after understanding Kruft. Although this brand also has about 1,000 USD in the United States, its main direction is undoubtedly the first-tier luxury mattress brand.

American Sealy Mattress

American Sealy is the world's top ten brand mattress companies. Its products cover spring mattresses, latex sponge mattresses, memory foam mattresses, bed frames and bedding. Since its birth in 1881, Silian has been committed to providing users with a comfortable and professional sleeping experience. Silian is available in China and has opened a Chinese branch. However, most of the Silian mattresses sold in China are inferior to foreign Silian mattresses, and the prices are even higher. If you have the desire to buy, it is recommended to go to Haitao. Sealy Premier Hybrid is the main series of Silian, independent springs. Similar Silian products in China may cost more than 100,000, and the general foreign price is about 1300USD.

Swedish Hidding Luxury Collection

A brand from the Swedish traditional mattress maker Hidding Anders. This series of mattress products are made in the Swiss factory of the Swedish Hiking Anderson Group. Made in Switzerland has always been synonymous with high-quality products. This Nordic mattress made by the Swiss factory is understated and elegant. As one of the oldest mattress manufacturers, Hidding has been popular in European countries. His unique Swedish simple high-end style is more popular with many families. However, this brand has always focused on the European market, which is difficult to buy in China. Recently, a Chinese station has been opened to expand the Chinese market. The price is slightly higher than that in Europe. Small partners with the ability to sea Europe can check the prices in Europe.

British luxury bed brand VIPSPRING

Someone joked that VIPspring is a Rolls-Royce in the mattress industry, but after you understand his price and market positioning, you will no longer think it is a joke. All handmade from the inside to the outside, the British royal family develops beds. The lowest selling price in China is about 100,000. Of course, if you think it is cheap, there are also a lot of millions of mattresses next to it.

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