Benefits to use School Management software for your School or College

Posted by Harpreet Singh on February 28th, 2020

School management system is software that helps a school staff to manage all the record in digital form on computer system. Fee, accounts, library and result card management with many more tasks can be done with the help of software.

Software is a set of instructions used to perform some specific task. Many types of software are used in different type of organizations. In school both online and offline software is used to perform the daily routine activities. Here I am going to discuss some features of school management software.

School management system - As written above School management system is a very important tool for school to manage all the daily routine work like fee collection and management, student record management, inventory management, attendance management, accounts management and many more necessary tasks.

School management software is beneficial in many ways as written below-

Student fee management - Software provide the facility to manage all student fees and generate fee receipts and fee slips for both online payment in bank and cash payment in school or bank. With the help of software we can merge the fee received in bank and school to check the grand total or to see the collection of a particular day. Many types of collection reports are provided in school management software.

Student record management - From attendance to leaving gate pass all can be managed in the software. We can manage the record of the entire student with zero paper work. Other work like assign the roll no. to student, sort the student list, manage the strength, separate the section and shift the student to any section all can be done with system.

Library management - Reputed schools always have a good Library. System allows you to manage all the books record in software. All the necessary task like issue a book to student, Receive a book from student and to generate the fine as per days if the book returned after due days all can be managed in the software.

Result Card - Result card preparation is a very complex task. In past time, most of the school teachers prepare the result of the student manually on sheets. Now with the help of the result card system teachers prepare the result in computer system and print the required reports and can also share the soft copy of result of the student in mobile application. Parents can access the result of child with the help of Mobile application.

Inventory management - This is the features that are provided in the system. Inventory and stock also managed with the help of the software. Many types of stock reports are available in the software that can help to manage the stock of inventory.

Mobile application - In present time this is the main and very important feature of school management system. Most of the companies provide you to a mobile application where parents can check all the record of the student like - attendance report on daily basis, home work and result in monthly test, any other notification, and list of holidays.

Above are some main features of School Management system, except that you can also use the other features of system according to your need. You can also ask for changes in software according to your school's requirement. Many software companies provide customized software in which they can make some minor changes according to the requirement of the school.


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