Why are Indian clothing brands becoming environmentally conscious?

Posted by Anna Alcorn on February 28th, 2020

Mother Earth is blessing for all of us. What would we have done if we did not have clean air to breathe? What would we do if we did not have clean water to drink? How would we have survived, how would we have sustained?

Today, people have begun to realise how blessed we are and that we should do everything in our capacity to save Mother Earth. We should only take what we need from the environment instead of taking things as per our greed.

This awareness is being fostered and imbibed by many people these days, which is why people are using less plastic, are re-using products, are buying products that are not harmful to the environment and are wearing products that follow the philosophy of sustainable fashion.

Sustainable clothing brands aim at making sure that the products do not impact the environment negatively. They want to make sure that people use products that help sustain the environment in the long run. This is why fashion brands have started using products which are made in organic ways and are less harmful to planet Earth. They make sure that they manufacture products in a sustainable way, without wasting and overusing resources. Some brands have also stopped making products in bulk, which has helped reduce the wastage of raw materials.

These initiatives have been implemented by Indian clothing brands that have worked towards increasing the lifecycle of the products which, in turn, encourage people to repeat the clothes that they have bought instead of throwing them away after a few uses. These brands have also created awareness by coming up with shopping discounts for people who give their old clothes away in exchange for a discount on the products they will buy in the future. In this way, clothing brands donate unused clothes to the people who have been affected by natural calamities like floods.

These initiatives by men and women clothing brands have created a ripple effect by creating more awareness in the world regarding the excessive production of goods that are not being sold. This awareness has also led to the reduction of disposable consumption and has made a much-needed step towards making people aware about conserving the planet’s resources. With fashion brands having undertaken this important initiative, it’s now time for other industries to follow suit.

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