Tips To Select Outdoor Furniture

Posted by Eugene Stoltzfus Architects on February 28th, 2020

The idea of turning part of your landscape into an alfresco family room during two or three seasons is nice. It is a better and less expensive option than adding another room to your home. Why would you need walls when you can get the “green” appeal through open-air living which takes you back into nature. Outdoor spaces are introduced especially when the weather gets warmer. Along with an addition to the overall available space, they provide relaxation, entertainment, and overall enjoyment. So if you are planning to but furniture for your patio, here is a list of considerations that you would want to make.

1. Consider the weather
Before you start looking for your patio furniture, consider whether the weather is hot, dry or rainy. This is a very important consideration to make before choosing outdoor or patio furniture because hot and dry winds can make the wood crack and splinter.strong winds can make the aluminum furniture fly and some furniture like wicker, will not withstand constant moisture exposure. Therefore, keep in mind the weather conditions and buy a piece of furniture for your outdoor space.

2. Measure the space
The next important consideration is space. Review the space and shape of your outdoor area, whether it is a long balcony or a wide deck. The shape and size of your outdoors will help you determine the size of your outdoor furniture. Try to have enough space around your furniture for comfortable walking. However, if you have a small space, you can consider a bar table rather than a dining set as they are narrow and take less space. You can also consider buying the Cork club chair.
3. Choose a place
Another consideration to make is the place where you want to put your furniture. Consider whether your outdoor space is exposed to elements or you have any overhead covering, you want to rest your furniture on soft ground or a hard surface. All these3 considerations will help you make a good match for your environment and surroundings.

4. Consider the budget
This is the most important consideration to make while looking for the best furniture for your outdoor space. It is your budget only that will determine the furniture that you can buy. Set a budget for yourself and stick to it. Try not to exceed and buy what you can afford.

5. Decide on comfort
Since you will be using your outdoor space to relax and enjoy so buy the furniture that helps you relax. Buy good quality outdoor fabric that is fade and mildew resistant. Consider buying outdoor solid Portuguese cork chairs. They come in good quality and promote comfort as well.

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