Ceramic tableware is so easy to use, you must know how to choose

Posted by hw on February 28th, 2020

Ceramic tableware has delicate and diverse shapes, and is colorful and easy to clean. It is the first choice for many families to buy tableware. Although ceramics has brought us countless conveniences in life, it is still inevitable that it will cause certain harm to the human body. The colored glazes used in ceramic tableware contain mercury, radium, lead, etc., which will cause harm to the human body. The choice of ceramic tableware is also a university question. Today I will share some tips for selecting ceramic tableware, but you must keep your eyes open.

How to choose ceramic tableware

1. When selecting, carefully check whether the shape of the tableware is Zhou Zheng, and whether there are any breakage, bubbles, spots, etc. In short, the first step is to look at the shape of the ceramic. The surface contains prickly, multi-spotted, and even cracked ceramics. The lead contained in the colored glaze easily leaks out, which is not suitable for tableware.

2. Tap the surface of the tableware a few times, and the sound of crisp sound is better. The dull or husky sound is mostly inferior.

3. When choosing tableware, do not choose those decorated with colored glaze, especially the inner wall of the tableware should not be painted, underglaze or medium-glaze can still choose, such as blue and white decoration.

4. The tableware just bought can be soaked and boiled with vinegar water to remove most of the toxic substances, which can greatly reduce the potential threat of ceramic tableware to the human body.

5. When choosing those tableware with gold and silver trim decoration, it is best to wipe it with your hand first. The decoration will not be the best.

6. Ceramic tableware that is too bright in color is not necessarily good. Some manufacturers add some heavy metal additives to the glaze in order to make the ceramic look more vivid. Therefore, the brighter the color of the tableware, the more likely the heavy metal content will exceed the standard.

7. When choosing the complete set of ceramic tableware, you must also carefully check whether the glaze color, picture, gloss and style of each piece are uniform. It is necessary to be careful that there are inferior products in the complete set of tableware. .

8. It is better to choose the regular market for ceramic tableware. Do not buy inferior products without formal manufacturers because of greed.

9. After the tableware is bought, do not use ceramic tableware to store acidic food and beverages such as fruit juice, coffee or wine. Because ceramics store acidic foods or beverages for too long, especially in high temperature seasons, the easier it is to dissolve lead, excessive lead dissolution will produce toxic and side effects.

The nine items listed above are suggestions for purchasing ceramic tableware. Although ceramic tableware is beautiful and easy to use, it involves our physical and mental health. The details of purchasing and selecting must not be neglected.

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