The Difference Between Guild War and Other MMORPG

Posted by h280668993 on June 29th, 2012

Guild War freed itself from the long upgrading process from previous games in the MMORPG, with its repetitive game play, and allows players to go through time consumingbuy cheap diablo 3 gold large-scale maps and other ills, allowing the player to experience the real fun online games and spend money to buy guild wars 2 gold worthwhile.

In the course of the game, players can learn the various roles of up to several hundred magic skills, and be combined use. Teams each play a unique role in the role of clan system is a great charm of the game.

The most sophisticated use of streaming technology, greatly reducing the capacity of the game client, download the client as sending and receiving e-mail as quick and easy. Players can install the game at any time, side to side play.

Glare effect of technology adoption (Glowlight Effect) of the 3d engine gives Guild War the dreamy color images in low configuration computer which can reproduce the real fantasy world in Guild War. Guild War can form such a perfect embodiment of the game, due to war has been responsible for network (bettle. net), Diablo 2 (Diablo2) development, Warcraft 3 world-class 3d engine design Developer: Jeff Strain, Mike O'brien, and Patrick Wyatt's work together.

GW showed the new concept of online gamesdiablo 3 gold cheap to the world in the spring of 2005. Please look forward to the greatest minds of the outbreak of war between the South Korea official website slogans.

The main features of Guild Wars

Firstly, you can start simple in the game. In the game, low machine configuration can be used to play the game smoothly. And district system can automatically assign players to the game field, avoiding the game 'card' phenomenon. Also it can support the windowed mode for easier game and support for mouse and keyboard, and the keyboard can be more sophisticated operations.

Second, apply of new technologies to the game is another specification.

Effects include glare technology (Growlight Effect) of the 3d engine performance thoroughly fantastic effect, highlights the unique world of fantasy GW. Using the latest streaming technology, greatly reducing the capacity of the game client, download the client as fast and easy as sending and receiving e-mail. High AI mercenaries and monsters enhance the game's tension.

Also it has a large number of roles, skills and props for players to choose to get into: Warrior, Ranger, Necromancer, Monk, Mesmer, Element messenger and other professional in a 6 to determine the role of the basic properties, you can also choose a second job, experience a variety of game play. 450 multi-skilled and numerous articles, provides players with a lot of tactical and strategic options (can be combined for about 71 billion kinds of strategic technology)

And dynamic PvP system is another diablo 3 buy gold advantage over other MMORPGs. Arena (PvP zone) region provides clan fighting between the guilds, including the siege warfare, war, etc. Capture the Flag in various ways.

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