Why entrepreneurs should launch an on-demand services business?

Posted by Jennifer Atkinson on February 28th, 2020

World has changed for the better in the case of availing your day-to-day transportation, food delivery and other on-demand services needs. This has been made possible with the help of the on-demand apps such Uber, Lyft, Gojek, Ubereats, Grab etc. 

This has made a big change in the day-to-day activities of people. Pursuing these on-demand services from these apps has helped people in quicker transportation to the desired locations, food being delivered right in the doorsteps of their home or booking a service professional for any home service needs. 

On-demand apps changed the traditional business operations for good

These on-demand apps and companies had set a better environment for both the stakeholders - customers and service providers. Now it has become very easy to find the right service professional for the customer’s unique requirement. Thus both the on-demand company and users/service providers get equally benefited. 

Also these on-demand apps have greatly transformed the way the traditional business operates. For example, earlier if you want to go out, you can take a taxi but it will be difficult to find one at the time. Moreover the prices will be high due to the demand for the taxi. However now people can book a taxi at a single click on the app and also the prices are much more moderate than it used to be. Also in terms of technology, the traditional businesses have been forced to adapt to these changes.

Benefits of on-demand apps that has brought a positive experience for consumers

  • On-demand apps provide services in a time-sensitive manner. The consumers can avail the services promptly without much of a delay.

  • Consumers can get a real time update on where they will get their proposed service. It’s easy for them to track the progress of their on-demand service request in the app.

  • Much needed data of the business such as the amount of money earned, spent and other needed  information can be easily maintained by the owner/admin with their extended revenue dashboards and reports.

  • Most of all, these on-demand apps have improved the employed rate in the serving area. Many numbers of youths have started to take the jobs from these apps as a serious part time/full time job opportunity.

  • Also it keeps the consumers and the service professional with the transparency of data in any transaction.

Developing an on-demand multi service app

Creating an on-demand app from scratch has become the old-fashioned way and the new age entrepreneurs are building their app from the ready-made app solutions like Gojek clone app. These ready-made app solutions are feature-loaded and easy to instantly launch an on-demand business. This app solution comprises a wide-variety of on-demand services in one solution. It comes with the following on-demand services,

  • Ride-hailing/taxi booking

  • Food delivery

  • On-demand delivery 

  • Home services professional booking

  • On-demand video streaming

  • Ecommerce/retail delivery and

  • Escooter and Bike taxi hailing etc.

To Conclude

On-demand apps are getting a huge momentum in this era of technology advancement. Already Gojek and Grab has become the multi billion dollar super apps in asia, there is still a huge market space vacant for new entrants. Launch an on-demand app and achieve your dream of owning a multi million dollar business.

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