Why Having A 100% Work From Home Facility Can Lead To 0% Productivity

Posted by Shady Johnson on February 28th, 2020

Working from home is like a dream come true. These days, everyone is connected to the internet, so most of the companies offer work from home facilities to save cost and time. As an employee, you don't need to commute daily, which saves cost and time. Global Workplace Analytics reported that between 2013 to 2017, there was a 150% increase in remote work. 

Still, many organizations face zero productivity, and multiple reasons are responsible for that. Many HR executives said that when employees work from home, they miss the personal touch; on the other hand, you can not measure the employee's productivity. Along with this work from home often feel isolated, you rely on technology that is Skype, mail, and laptops. Sooner or later, your social life sucks.

And all these reasons lead to zero productivity that can be harmful to the company.

Cultural Clash

We can never build a strong repo with the person with whom we are used to talking over the chat or video calls. That means if you want to build a cohesive company culture, you need all the team members in one place.

As an employer, if you fail to build a strong company culture, it leads to lower productivity, as employees come from different backgrounds, so their value and opinion might be unique that can make creating an ethical company culture tough.

Another disadvantage of work from home is differences that arise due to different cultural ethics. It leads to wrong assumptions and ethics between you and your colleagues. For instance, remote or home-working employees don't participate in cultural functions and festival celebrations that means they don't value other's cultures, and often feel left out.

Lack Of Communication

Effective communication is the key to success. Today, we have lots of communication tools like email, video calls, instant messaging apps, through that employers and employees can stay connected. But it isn't very easy to stay all the time online and deliver the result as expected.

No doubt, these tools are widely used, but there is a chance that some information is missed or misinterpreted. Thus it would be best if you established face-to-face communication so that you can cross-check something and avoid the communication gap. There are many companies in Indonesia working on gojek clone that allows employees to work from the facility to increase productivity and morale.

Another major issue you face is that you miss all the important discussions and meetings that lead to dissatisfaction, and you feel undervalued as compared to office workers.

Low Reliability And Retention

When you work from home, you may work with laziness without any control. Thus an employer can not track your performance and progress. On the other hand, it would be easy to measure the performance of office staff because of daily presence.

No doubt, some organizations have adopted employee monitoring tools to track the employee's performance, but you need to manage it carefully with trust to avoid the conflicts and disputes. If you utilize these tools effectively, it might deliver positive results.


There is no doubt that work from home culture is growing because of technology we can stay connected all the time. As a business owner, it's your call to allow work from home or not; make sure whatever decision you take, it should be a goal and result oriented not comfort-oriented.

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