Why & How To Meditate

Posted by successbeyond on July 4th, 2012

Meditation is a known technique in complementary and alternative medicine that increases calmness and physical relaxation, enhancing overall health and well-being. The main purpose of meditation is to realize the true nature of mind. Mind is the basis for both our present experiences of conditioned existence and of enlightenment. Enlightenment is realizing mind's true nature, whereas ordinary life is unaware of this nature.

Meditation can help you to reduce stress and manage certain medical conditions, such as heart disease, chronic pain, high blood pressure, addiction, depression anxiety and many more. It can also motivate them and introduce awareness and a sense of well-being into their daily lives.

Many researches have been done on meditation and these research shows that meditating can actually reduce blockages in your blood vessels, significantly lowering the risk of sudden death by heart attack or stroke. Many meditation experts explain the simple art of meditating, review different techniques used around the world and will help you to find what works for your stress management meditation.

While mediating participants will learn:

  • A variety of meditation techniques including the breath, gazing at the ocean, guided meditations, etc.
  • How to increase mental clarity.
  • How to develop meditation stamina and ability.
  • How to perform mini meditation for busy person.
  • How to positively impact mental and physical health.
  • How to work against the negative effects of stress.
  • How to develop meditation stamina and ability

If you want to discover the truth of your live, then this is almost a valid approach. There are many meditation experts and website which helps you to learn various meditation techniques. Usually people try to adopt all the technique together before they find the correct one. But people should spend time on one technique well; this will also help them to compare it with other techniques.

About the Author:

Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, author, motivational speaker and meditation expert who have been counselling individuals, families, nonprofits, and businesses for over twenty years. A contributing writer to Psychology Today, he has also authored numerous books, including “Spiritual Enlightenment: Awakening to the Supreme Reality”. He hosts a weekly podcast and publishes articles on enlightenment (sometimes known as non-duality). For more details, please contact: http://www.successbeyondyourimagination.com/

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