Principles for selection of catering kitchen equipment

Posted by sere on February 28th, 2020

The selection principles of catering kitchen equipment are as follows:

1. Principles of hygiene.

Kitchen utensils should have the ability that resists pollution, should have the function that prevents the contamination food such as cockroach, rat, ant especially, ability assures the intrinsic quality of whole kitchen utensils. At present, some equipment in the market have been all installed cockroach strip seal, this technology can effectively prevent food contamination.

2, the principle of fire prevention.

Kitchen is the area that USES open fire only in contemporary household, the discretion of material fireproof flame retardant ability, decide kitchen utensils and appliances and the safety of the family, especially the fireproof ability of kitchen utensils and appliances surface layer, it is the important standard that chooses kitchen utensils and appliances more. So, the kitchen utensils and appliances face layer material that regular kitchen utensils and appliances manufacturer produces USES incombustible, flame-retardant material to make entirely.

3. The principle of convenience.

The operation inside the kitchen should have a reasonable process, accordingly, on the design of kitchen utensils and appliances, the arrangement of each place that can design by correct process, use convenient very important to days. Again the position of the height that is hearth, condole ark waits, affect the convenient degree that USES directly. Accordingly, the kitchen utensils that should choose to accord with human body engineering principle and kitchen operation procedure.

4. The principle of beauty.

Kitchen utensils and appliances not only ask modelling, colour is pleasing to the eye, and want to have persistence, because this asks to have easier prevent pollution, good clean performance, this asks surface material to have very good ability of resisting oily stain, resisting oily fume, make kitchen utensils and appliances can keep surface clean for a long time as new.

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