Chicago Pizza: Best Pizza Places In Chicago

Posted by trry me on February 28th, 2020

The legendary "deep" Chicago pizza is far from the only type of pizza that you should try in Chicago. Otherwise, you will miss the opportunity to visit many great places serving this favorite dish. Not everyone knows that Chicago is the birthplace of many other types of pizza, such as New York (Armitage pizzeria), New Haven (Piece), Neapolitan (Spacca Napoli). To feel the true taste of Chicago, head to Vito & Nick's, where they have been serving delicious slices of pizza on the thinnest pastry since 1949.

Armitage Chicago pizza

There are no many tables in this James Spillane pizzeria, but more often than not visitors eat here, and they are happy to watch the pizza process. Spillane can be called a legend. He looks like a retired rocker (the same can be said about his behavior) and makes the basis for pizza, similar to what he did in the Coalfire pizzeria: thin and crispy below and magnificent around the perimeter. It is incredibly delicious. Pizza is seasoned only with olive oil, ricotta, and spices. It will be ideal if you manage to take a table because you need to try it hot. If it doesn’t work out, you can always warm up pizza at home in the oven, this will not stop being so tasty.

 711 W Armitage Ave, Lincoln Park, Chicago Tue-Fri - 15.00-22.00, Sat - 12.00-22.00, Sun - 12.00-20.00 $ 13 (average cost of pizza).

Burt's Place

Before opening this old-fashioned restaurant with jazz music, Burt Katz was the owner of Inferno, Gullivers and Pequod's, where he came up with his signature, crispy pastry, with an almost burnt crust. The ingredients in pizza are mostly fresh vegetables, tricolor peppers, portobello mushrooms, Italian sausages, and hot sauce. Katz and his wife Sharon are a great team together, you can be sure. As soon as you become a regular guest, a truly family welcome will be waiting for you.

 8541 N Ferris Ave, Morton Grove Lunch (Wed-Fri). Dinner. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. $ 16 (average cost of pizza).

Pequod's Pizza

Brick walls and plasma TVs replaced the shabby pool tables and darts boards after the fire forced the owners of the place to rebuild this restaurant. However, the signature pizza here remained the same - with a ring of baked caramelized cheese along the edges of a crisp. Set aside snacks, salads, and sandwiches, and better try a meat pie with perfectly seasoned spicy slices of juicy pork, the size of a ping pong ball.

 2207 N Clybourn Ave, Lincoln Park, Chicago pizza Lunch, Dinner. $ 18 (average cost of pizza).

Piece Chicago pizza

Two things distinguish this place from a regular beer sports bar: a great brewery and expertly prepared pizza. Crispy slices support a lot of weight, so after you choose the type of pizza - with red or white sauce, barbecue or New Haven - begin to choose the filling yourself. If you are planning to try New Haven, be sure to add the bacon and shellfish. Drink it all with a jug of great beer, and you can never again neglect the combination of pizza and beer.

 1927 W North Ave, Wicker Park, Chicago Lunch. Dinner. $ 18 (average cost of pizza).

My Pi Pizza

Pizza service counter? In the mall? And should I go here? Believe me: unlike other joints with a deep dish, the crust of My Pie is relatively thin and light on the fingers. The chunky sauce is well seasoned, and the cream is creamy rather than greasy. Go straight up, pick a fresh bite and sit down - you will most likely be with your mother and her child or neighbor during the lunch break for lunch. For a crash course in a deep dish done right, My Pie is a good start.

Reno Chicago pizza

This cafe, which serves bagels and pizza from morning to evening, has an informal atmosphere, like in a cafeteria or dining room, and only in the evening, the waiters begin to serve tables here. This place is nothing but a great pizzeria, which also offers delicious homemade pasta, crazy salad with mizuna and hot homemade sauces.

 2607 N Milwaukee Ave, Logan Square, Chicago Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. $ 13 (average cost of a meal).

Gino East

Opened since 1966, the original Gino's are covered in customer signatures, Blues Brothers attributes, red-checkered tablecloths and scenes from Chicago. It is darkly lit, comfortable and welcoming, and its proximity to the Magnificent Mile makes it attractive for tourists who come to demand the famous pizzeria pies. A noteworthy Gino dish on a deep dish is its crust, seasoned with corn oil, and a sausage disk (yes, you read it right), layered just below the sauce: meat with dill spices ensures that the bark does not become raw - bonus points for sausage in each bite. Also worth noting? Gino brews his beer in the nearby (and newer) brewery beer pub on the Sever River.

Spacca Napoli

This place specializes in real Neapolitan pizza. A bespoke stove is heated by oak wood and delivers real masterpieces with perfect forms in less than 2 minutes. Hand-made dough with a thickness of a sheet of paper, especially thin inside and slightly more lush at the edges, is saturated with the unforgettable true taste of a real Neapolitan cake. In addition to the simple tastes of Marinara or Margarita, the fillings have a full aroma and tastes - from sausages with fennel to bitter broccoli, wrapped in thin prosciutto. Add to this something from the wine or beer list, or delicious drinks, such as espresso or limoncello, and we can assume that the evening was a success.

 1769 W Sunnyside Ave, Ravenswood, Chicago Lunch (wed-sun). Dinner (Mon-Sun). Closed Mondays from September to May. $ 12 (average cost of pizza).

Vito and Nick’s Chicago pizza

Chicagoans ordered pizza here back in 1949, although the restaurant itself opened only in 1965. Thus, we can confidently call Vito and Nick's the king of pizza on thin pastry, which is cooked in a real Chicago style. Crispy and pliable appetizing crust, spicy sauce and meat fillings of the highest quality - all this distinguishes Vito and Nick's from other pizzerias specializing in a thin crispy pastry. The weekend waiting time for an order here maybe a little longer, so just order drinks and enjoy the true Chicago spirit.

 8433 S Pulaski Rd, Southwest Side, Chicago Lunch. Dinner. $ 13 (average cost of pizza).

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