How to download music on iPhone

Posted by Amit Negi on February 28th, 2020

Today, we're gonna be talking about how to download music from YouTube, right? Fermor iPhones. Now, first, we have to change some settings. Go to your settings and find safari. Click on that and scroll down, find downloads. All right. There are two options here. I drive and on my iPhone this time I'm going to be beging on my iPhone and I'm going to click on other because I want to be more specific with my downloads folder spic and hit on Dunn.

All right. We're done here. So this time we're going to go to YouTube now, find some non copyrighted or free music. I'm going to be picking some music from Joe Keem Crude. OK, so I'm going to choose this music and we're going to click on a share and we're gonna copy the link. So hit on a copy link. All right. Now we're done here. Go to your safari app. The address bar type y TMB three dot Ceecee and paste the copied link on the textbox.

He didn't convert after that. He didn't download. All right. Now there's a pop up right here. We're going to click on Download. For you to check the status of your download, click on the icon next to the address bar as shown here and I think. Her download has been completed already. All right, now let's go to our files. Hey, click on that and click on my iPhone. All right. Click on downloads. And right now, our audio file is listed on the downloads folder.

No, we can not play music here continuously. So what we're gonna do, we're gonna transfer this one to an app called Ever Music. So just long tab and click on share and on the set of icons here. Just go to the right most part of it. Click on more, scroll down a little bit and copy to music. Now that specific music will be listed in this app. Ever music. I'll be posting a separate video on how to master ever music.

So stay tuned for that. If you haven't subscribed to the channel already, please do consider subscribing and click on the notification bill icon. Sue. You will get notified whenever I post new tutorials and videos here in my channel. I think that's much about it. This has been J.B. and see you again on another video.

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