Electronic Cigarettes Confirmed as Smoking-Cessation Devices

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A research conducted by a professor of the Penn State University CMCI (College of Medicine and Cancer Institute), has confirmed that health could benefit if smokers switched to electronic cigarettes. The research carried out by Prof. J. Fouls was published in the IJCP (International Journal of Clinical Practice).

Health concerns

The health risks posed by electronic cigarettes, if any, are much smaller as compared to the harmful effects of cigarette smoking. Despite this, anti-smoking organisations and the FDA are adamant about them being a danger to your health. The FDA has not yet approved electronic cigarettes as products that help in quitting smoking. Instead, the organisation recommends the people who want to give up smoking products that are approved by the FDA. In fact, electronic cigarettes have been classified under tobacco products by the administration.

E-cigarettes v/s FDA-approved products

Now, an increasing number of evidence based on surveys show that smokers use e-cigarettes successfully to refrain from smoking. The majority of these smokers had previously turned to NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapies) approved by the FDA, unsuccessfully. The main motive of the people who want to quit smoking, especially the ones who have been doing it for a long time, is to get a hold of an electronic cigarette. E cigs work well for potential quitters because they mimic cigarette smoking very closely, and eliminate the dangers of smoke inhalation at the same time. Findings have also revealed that a large proportion of users of the electronic cigarette completely replace smoking with ‘vaping’, much more than any drugs, patches and gums approved by the FDA.

The highest one-day supply of e-cigarette liquid contains approximately the same quantity of carcinogens (nitrosamines) as a daily dose of the nicotine patches approved by the FDA. Initially dubbed as a phenomenal drug, Chantix has adverse effects that included suicidal thoughts and depression – so much that both, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and the Department of Defence required personnel who operated aircrafts and the members of the missile crew not take it.

The best alternative – Electronic cigarettes

A professor from the Boston University School of Public Health dealing with community health sciences, Michael B. Siegel explains that the unique and distinct advantage that e-cigarettes have is that they can be utilised to address psychological factors, nicotine withdrawal, and behavioural signs that act as obstructions to abstinence from smoking. Most people who use electronic cigarettes reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day – a finding that if proven secure, can make e-cigs an important device for reducing harm, especially among the smokers who find the pharmaceutical smoking-cessation products that are currently available to be futile.

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