Some common sense about tattoos

Posted by sere on February 29th, 2020

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Tattoos can also be written as tattoos, also known as tattoos, which are colored needles inserted into the skin to create patterns or words on the skin. It refers to piercing the skin and applying paint to the wound to make the body permanent.

Want to find the professional shop that USES one-time tattoo supplies, lest infect the disease of others. Minimum nozzles and needles should be disposable.

Do not use tattoo machine for tattoo, do not use animal blood or cinnabar tattoo.

Do not use alcohol or purple potion, mercurochrome treatment of the wound, so as not to affect the color of the tattoo.

Do not take a bath, swim or sauna after the tattoo, just use warm water for cleaning.

After the tattoo is completed, rinse the ointment and blood water with warm water every 2-4 hours. You can use professional absorbance cotton or professional paper towel to dry the water.

Tattoo finish a few days after itching, scab, peeling is normal phenomenon, not scratch the wound, to avoid infection or decolorization, clothing should be loose.

Before the wound is healed, do not eat spicy, stimulating food, avoid intense exercise and sweat.

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