What is a car ptc?

Posted by sere on February 29th, 2020

For automobile heaters, the heated medium circulates through the entire pipeline system under the action of a circulating water pump (or heat convection) to achieve the purpose of heating. The exhaust gas burned by the heater is discharged from the exhaust pipe. car ptc heaters are divided into liquid heaters and air heaters.

Liquid heater use:

1. Low temperature start for various vehicle engines.

2. Provide heat source for windshield defrosting and car interior heating.

Its function: heating the automobile engine circulating medium-antifreeze, and directly transferring heat to the radiator and defroster in the car, providing a heat source for the engine to start at low temperature and to heat the car interior.

Air heater use:

1. Heating for engineering vehicle and heavy truck cab.

2. Defrost the windshield.

Temperature PTC is a ceramic heater element that can be used to start a car at low temperatures. We can make it into a branch tube type and a flat disk type with different structure types. As a result, the thermal efficiency generated by CAR PTC is fully utilized. The two types have a simple structure, small size, and convenient installation. Generally, they are directly fixed on the inner wall of the vaporization chamber, and the gasoline in the vaporization chamber is directly heated in the vaporization chamber, so that its temperature rises rapidly, thereby improving fuel. Combustion gasification effect, which is not only conducive to the normal start of the car in a low temperature environment, but also can reduce the pollution caused by the automobile exhaust gas, and reduce the amount of fuel and fuel consumption. Because the temperature PTC thermistor element has the characteristics of automatic control of constant temperature heating, and this type of PTC heater components work in a non-contact operating state when controlling the temperature, it is very suitable for use in cars with changing conditions in top wave environments.

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