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Posted by sere on February 29th, 2020

So you turned on a new phone at Christmas and were busy taking photos of loved ones and pets, and the odd things you saw on the road?

Now your camera says it\'s-ack!

-Running out of space to store new images?

Without having to go through horrible culling and deleting photos that you prefer to keep, you can choose to upload your images to save them, well, always.

The first option requires an Internet connection on your phone.

Just send an email to your Yahoo, Hotmail or home account and attach the image from your phone (

Usually, you can open the photo gallery on your phone and send an email directly from the image on the screen with a photo attached)

Send it to yourself.

When you get home, download it to your computer and voila-a saved photo that you can now remove from your phone to make room.

The second option involves Bluetooth, which is a full section, but you can learn how to transfer photos using it on tinyurl. com/bluepix.

If there is no internet on your phone or there is no Bluetooth function on your home computer (

Or on the phone)

Or the idea of trying to figure out how to email yourself with your phone is too daunting and you can use a USB cable.

Remember the old iron cans \"phone\" tied with ropes when I was a child?

Well, the USB cable works the same way-it sends messages (hellooooo! )

From one end to the other (

Come back again if you want). Simple.

Most newer phones come with this cable and you can identify it by a small square silver metal \"plug\" at one end and a larger flat plug, silver rectangular \"plug\" at the other end \".

Before plugging the USB cable into your computer, make sure that the software that comes with your phone is installed first.

If you lose the CD that comes with your phone, you can get a copy of the software on the website of most phone manufacturers.

For example, if you buy a Motorola Razr phone for Virgin Mobile services, you will go to Motorola.

Ca, instead of Virgin Mobile, make your software online.

On the website, go to the \"software and download\" section-usually found under \"support\" on the manufacturer\'s website.

Now plug the smaller square end into your phone-you\'ll usually find the position to put it on the side or bottom of your phone.

Next, start the home computer and plug the larger end of the USB cable into the free slot on the computer that fits the same rectangular shape. (

Do not insert forcibly: it should be very easy to insert.

If not, try turning the plug over. )

Your computer should recognize the new hardware connected to it and give you a message-usually the software you install will start automatically and provide a transfer service from the phone to the desktop. (

If it does not start automatically, start manually by double-clicking

Click on the program. )

Now that the photo is safely on the desktop, you can remove it from your phone and make room for more space!

Howcast guide for taking wonderful photos on your camera phone: tinyurl. Com/photo phone.

Peggy staluk is a little shy, so she has plenty of room on her phone to take a picture of you.

Alleasa has been focusing on USB cables, USB hubs. Their website is, please check!

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