Create a personalized email address

Posted by jason stewart on February 29th, 2020

A personalized email address

A personalized email address integrates your domain name with your email address, so it will look like this:

Here are the different advantages of acquiring a personalized email address: personalized email

Recognition and credibility: An email address in your name or that of your company will enhance your professionalism and give you more credibility than an address ending with, etc.

Security: When you register a free email address, the providers of these services can use your information to offer you targeted advertising. Entrusting your messaging to professionals guarantees on the one hand the reliability of the service and on the other hand the confidentiality of your data.

Simple and complete interface: It allows you to manage your personalized email addresses via a simple interface with many features.

Personalized email address: The all-inclusive solution will allow you to develop your professionalism thanks to many features:

Personalized email address: Features

Having an email address based on a domain such as:, strengthens your credibility and professionalism. That's why THE EMAIL SHOP offers you a complete messaging solution.

Here are the features available with custom email address solutions:

  • A domain name includedyour email addresses you can register your domain name for free * among many domain name extensions.
  • 2GB or more web hosting
  • advantage of at least 2GB web hosting to create an HTML presentation page for your Internet users.
  • Anti-spam and anti-virus protection
  • system performs an automatic check to eliminate 99.9% of viruses and spam.
  • Webmail Roundcube
  • Round cube is multilingual and easy to use, it will allow you to process all of your emails in the same way as email software from any web browser and any connection medium (computer, tablet or smartphone). For more information on Roundcube webmail, go to our THE EMAIL SHOP help section: Webmail Roundcube: to start
  • Compatibility with the most popular messaging software
  • send and receive your emails from any device connected to POP, IMAP and SMTP protocols
  • Synchronization of contacts and calendars
  • your address book and calendar on all your supports: computer, tablet or smartphone
  • The classification of messages
  • your messages by creating customizable folders and managing your calendar and address book.
  • Creating filters
  • custom filters to sort your emails received from Webmail.
  • The automatic answering machine
  • auto-responder is a very useful feature in case of absence or to create an acknowledgment of your messages.

Personalized email address: Video presentation

How to create a personalized email address?

  • To create a personalized email address follow the following steps
  • Go to your hosting provider customer area and click on the section 2-Email addresses > E-mail administration
  • Enter the email address of your choice and a password then click on Validate
  • Your email address is now created, you can access your webmail from your customer area. For more information on configuring your email address, go to the EMAIL SHOP help section: Email.

How to manage the Antispam filter on this email address?

  • Every personal email hosting provider has a spam filter integrated into Roundcube. This filter automatically rejects unwanted emails. To configure it, log into your Roundcube Webmail and click on “Settings ".
  • Tap on the “Spam” then on “Main preferences”.

How do I get POP / IMAP and SMTP information from my email address?

  • If you wish to obtain information concerning the mail servers to be used to configure Outlook or other software, click on the “Configure” button located behind the domain name concerned.
  • You will find at the top of the page, all the information necessary for the configuration of your software.
  • You will also be able to opt for the automatic configuration of your software by going to the “Automatic configuration scripts” section.

 How to delete an email address?

  • You may decide to delete your email address from your account. Simply click on the “Delete” button located behind the email address concerned.
  • A new window will open asking you to confirm your choice.

How to create and manage email redirects? OR

What is an email redirect?

Suppose you have two email addresses: and You wish to send an email to when a message is received by This is easy to set up thanks to email redirection.

To create an email redirect, click on “Configure” located behind the email address concerned.

 Creation of email redirect:

Go to the “Mailbox redirection” section:

• Check the “Mailbox redirection” box to redirect all messages to a specific mailbox.

• If you wish to keep a copy on hosting Webmail, check the box “Keep a copy of emails on the server “

• Enter the redirect email and click on the “Validate” button to save your choice.

Then test the redirection to verify that it is functional.

How to edit the email redirect?

You can edit the email redirection by clicking on the “Configure” button located behind the email address concerned and by modifying the parameters found in the “Mail box redirection” section. Do not forget to click on the “Validate” button after each modification.

How to remove mail forwarding?

To remove mail forwarding, you just need to empty the relevant fields found in the “Mail forwarding” sec. click on “Validate” button.

How to manage MX entries?

An MX entry allows your email addresses to work.

An MX record lets you know the server used by your email addresses. The sending server consults the DNS to obtain all the necessary information related to your domain name.

  • To modify MX records, log in to the administration of your domain name and click on the “Domain management” button.
  • At the end click on “DNS Zone “button.

How do I edit MX record?

To edit MX records, click on the stylus behind this Area. By default, the server used is


How to create and manage an auto responder?

To create an auto-responder, Imagine that a person tries to contact you but is mistaken in writing your email address, for example he writes instead of The catch-all will allow you to recover this email, even if the sender misspelled your email address.

How to create a catch-all?

  • Click on the “Configure” button located behind the email address concerned.
  • In this “Activate catch-all” sec, check those “catch-all activate” box and click on “Validate “button to save the choice.
  • You can now test catch-all.

How to remove catch-all?

To remove the catch-all, simply uncheck the box in the same section. Do not forget to click on the “Validate” button to save your new request.

Email: conclusion

You are now an expert in the configuration and use of the personal email hosting on your Web plan. The whole configuration of emails was covered in this tutorial. 

Don't hesitate to share your comments or questions!

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