How do you use old newspaper?

Posted by Ana Maria on February 29th, 2020

When you’ve completed reading the newspaper, Please don’t throw it away. There are loads of uses in our daily life for your old newspaper. It is right  time to get innovative to save the earth's valuable sources. Here are some brilliant ideas to recycle your newspaper.

01. Cleaning windows
Easy way to Clean your dirty windows by Using an old newspaper. It is better than a cloth for preventing streaks. For better results, use water and vinegar solution instead of a chemical purifier.
02. Shelf lining
Reuse old papers to line your dresser, cabinet, pantry or bathroom shelves. It's cheaper than shop-bought shelf liners and easy to put in as well as replace.
03. Packing material
04. Weed killer
05. Papier mache
06. Table padding
07. Shoe and boot mat
08. Fire starter
09. Shape keeper
10. Fruit and vegetable drawer liner
11. Cat litter box liners
12. Car floor covers
13. Fireplace logs
14. Camping aid
15. Storing fruit
16. Shoe deodoriser
17. Gift wrapping
18. Book covers
19. Cheap rags
20. Ripen tomatoes
21. Stain protection
22. Draught proofing
23. Windscreen cover
24. Carpet underlining
25. Unscrewing a broken light bulb
26. Removing musty odours
27. Protect outdoor plants
28. Clearing up broken glass
29. Oven cleaner

Reuse of old newspaper you can keep your kids entertained with creating of various Papier mache. Don't forget, in case you do not need to reuse your old paper you can recycle old newspapers at house by way of placing them to your council recycling bin. You may discover greater approximately how paper is recycled at the recycling manual.

Source: BD News

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