china sets new record for renewable energy storage

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Buffett is an investor who has completed the world\'s largest lithium-

The ion battery project will limit wind and solar power generation in China, and China may see more large energy storage projects due to its ambition to increase a lot of renewable energy.

Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicles and batteries completed 36 MW

Micheal Austin said the State Grid Corporation of China\'s storage yard for a few hours in December, a transmission company that plans to pair storage with wind and solar power plants, BYD\'s US vice president on Tuesday.

BYD\'s batteries will help store the first phase of the plan, which includes 100 MW of wind and 40 MW of solar power in northern Hebei province.

State Grid told BYD it wants to expand the plan, including 500 MW of wind energy and 100 MW of solar energy, and build 110 MW of storage space to reserve some renewable energy sources, and Austin said.

In particular, when the demand for electricity is low, the wind tends to blow stronger at night, which makes it desirable to store it for later use.

\"The battery is awesome because you can charge for day use.

\"This is a green energy power generation website,\" Austin said . \".

The rise of the energy storage market the growth of wind and solar power has prompted utilities to see energy storage as a way to manage supply and demand.

Wind turbines and solar panels generate electricity only at certain times of the day, and when the wind disappears or the sun is hidden behind the clouds, their power output decreases rapidly.

This sudden drop is bad news for utilities that will have to increase their other fuel, usually fossil fuel --

A power plant built to make up for this deficiency.

But it will take a few minutes for a coal or gas turbine to get more power.

If the utility cannot find other power supplies to fill in during power supply-

During a period of time, there may be a power outage or a power outage.

In contrast, power plants that can generate power continuously-as long as you provide them with fuel such as coal or natural gas-do not have the same problem for utilities.

Dealing with variable power outputs is not a serious problem for utilities as wind and solar power account for only a small share of the entire energy portfolio.

Germany is the world\'s largest solar market, with solar energy accounting for 3 of its electricity supply.

According to the Energy Information Administration, in the United States, solar power accounted for less than 1% of the electricity generated in 2010.

However, due to the government\'s mandate to increase the use of clean energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, utilities in many industrialized and developing countries are expected to grow wind and solar power generation.

China has set some big goals: by 2015, it will raise its solar power generation target for last month from the previous 10 gigawatts to 15 gigawatts.

By the end of 2010, the company had installed less than 1 GW of solar energy.

The government promotes solar power generation by increasing the price of solar power generation to ensure that project developers and owners receive good returns, which has long been used by countries such as Germany.

Battery companies say China\'s plan to increase its large amount of renewable energy means it could be a huge market for energy storage technology.

Several US battery companies such as A123 Systems and ZBB Energy have established joint ventures with Chinese companies and developed pilot projects in China. Boston-

Last fall, Power announced an injection of investment from Chinese investors and moved most of its business to China.

It\'s making a lithium.

Ion battery factory near Shanghai.

Is size important? At 36 megawatt-

Within hours, BYD\'s project is the largest in physical size and energy capacity of lithium.

Ion battery storage.

At the peak speed of charging and discharging, the battery can provide 20 MW of power in 1 hour and 45 minutes, Austin said.

But he added that the State Grid commissioned the system to discharge more slowly in four to six hours.

This project is not the most powerful lithium.

However, the Ion battery field in operation.

The title still applies to the West Virginia project, which can provide 32 megawatts of electricity in 15 minutes, says Haresh Kamath, energy storage program manager at the Power Research Institute, which serves the United States. S.

Utilities Industry

Utilities can think that this project, developed by AES Energy Storage, is the largest lithium-

He said that the ion battery system is because they label the megawatt energy power generation project. At 8 megawatt-

A few hours later, the AES project did not provide as much energy as the BYD project.

\"Megawatt\" means in \"megawatt-

Hours \"means the amount of energy that can be stored or delivered.

The battery designed for speed does not mean that it can also provide energy for a long time.

An electric car, for example, is ideally expected to have a battery that can quickly provide a lot of power to accelerate and keep a lot of energy, that way it can keep driving long, says Camas.

The world\'s largest battery storage farm is in Japan, but it does not use lithiumion batteries.

Instead, it uses sodium

34 megawatts of sulfur batteries are provided within 7 hours (238 megawatt-hours), Kamath said.

The most powerful battery belongs to the Alaska Golden Valley Power Association, where nickel

The CD battery project can discharge 46 MW in 5 minutes.

However, ABB designed the project to run 27 MW in 15 minutes, because this is what utilities want (

The project has the Guinness World Record for the most powerful battery). Both figures --

Power and energy--

Is an important number that must be accurately compared to the battery storage project.

\"It is vital to have these two numbers.

\"Utilities will want to know the level of power and the time they get it,\" Kamath said . \".

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