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Top Tourist Destinations in Thailand | WorldTourStore

Posted by emicorn on February 29th, 2020

Marvellous beaches, untamed forests, pulsating nightlife and warm hospitality of Thailand has long been an infallible antidote to mundane city life. The land of smiles is full of natural and man-made wonders, which draw holidaymakers from all corners of the globe. While this Southeast Asian country is particularly famous for its cliff-fringed beaches, massage therapies, and nightlife revelry, you are never away from age-old temples, locally known as wats, majestic palaces and ancient ruins when in Thailand. And then there is exotic wildlife, colourful festivals and friendly people, making Thailand a holiday destination like nowhere else. Tempting? We can help you plan a wonderful trip to Thailand. With us, you can get cheapest flight deals for all major airlines operating to Thailand. Call us today, and set off to explore amazing Thailand!  

Bangkok: Admire majestic temples like Wat Arun and Grand Palace, shop till you drop at lively malls and markets, enjoy sunset cruise in Chao Phraya River, indulge in pulsating nightlife and savour delicious Thai food – Not without a reason is Bangkok one of the world’s most visited cities.

Phuket: Book your flights to Phuket for a relaxing beachside holiday! Besides picturesque beaches, Phuket will win you over by its colourful festivals, late night parties, adventure sports and hospitality.

Pattaya: The Vegas of Southeast Asia, Pattaya draws tourists for its pulsating nightlife, go-go bars, beautiful gardens and lively beaches.With attractions like Sanctuary of Truth, Mini Siam, and Pattaya Park, the city has also emerged as a popular family holiday destination in Thailand.

Krabi: Karabi is home to pristine white beaches and spectacular resorts.

Chiang Mai: If you’re a history buff, a mesmeric treat awaits you in Chiang Mai. Come explore its age-old temples, traditional markets and mystic mountains.

Hua Hin, Chiang Rai, and Koh Samui are other renowned destinations in Thailand.


Major Airports in Thailand

Thailand has over 10 international airports, with Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok being the busiest and largest among all. Many major fly now pay later uk companies are offering world tour packages for Thailand. Nearly 16 miles east of downtown Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi Airport is the main international gateway to Thailand. It is currently the hub for two of Thailand’s largest airlines, Bangkok airways and Thai Airways, and enjoy direct connectivity with several global airports including London Heathrow. Don Mueang International Airport is another airport, serving Bangkok and its surrounding area. People visiting Phuket should book their flights to Phuket International Airport.


Visa Requirement and Travel Essentials

Thailand is usually a safe place to travel. However, scams are not scarcest too, especially in major metropolises like Bangkok. Don’t flash expensive items, money or jewellery. Crowded bars and clubs are other places where you’re likely to encounter scammers. They can be in form of a beautiful lady or an over-friendly local. Stay away from them. Locals are culture conscious and expect you not to show any disregard to their culture and religions.

British citizen travelling to Thailand for up to 30 days don’t need a visa. They, however, should have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the entry date.

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