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There might have been a million appealing reasons behind studying in India, yet the educational culture should have been something to cherish. India is a country with endless opportunities when it comes to education and it is developing its expertise in the educational sector exponentially.

Even more simply, studying in India might have changed your life forever. While studying in India, you could observe things in such way that you would have never experienced before. You would see things and experience things that might alter your outlook towards the whole world itself, and yet again you would return home with a more informed as well as well-personalized individual.  

Here, we are going to have a discussion why you should study in India. Let us take you straightly back to the main discussion. Alhambra Medical University


There are many students in the world who want to have a world class education, yet they may not pursue it because of several factors including the economic factors as a major one. As a developing country, India will provide international students with cheaper living costs. 


Every year, India is offering over 3,500 scholarship to the foreign students and its international collaboration is immense. According to the Human resource department minister of India, “India is keen to collaborate to build capacities of teachers and educational institutions and that admission of students to IIT’s, IIM’s will be examined”.


Have you ever given a thought what makes India a preferred educational destination? Basically, the top-notch education system is the foundation and the strong government monitoring is the nourishment, upon which the Indian educational cornerstone is built.

India has been an educational hub for the neighboring countries for centuries. People all over from the sub-continent used to visit India because of educational purpose. Students from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bhutan etc. used to visit India long before colonial rulership.

Right now, it has become one of the most lucrative destinations for education because of its top-notch educational foundation and cheaper living cost.     


Skill development as well as capacity building is one of the key mottos of the Indian Government. As a result, every year thousands of scholarships are being made available by the parliamentary law. Most of the universities allow the scholarship programs on the basis of merit. Apart from the 3,500 scholarship opportunities for the international students, India is also offering SAARC-INDIA Silver Jubilee Scholarship for the neighboring countries.


As India is a vast country with multiple cultures residing “side-by-side”, foreign students often found similarities with the cultures of home countries. As a matter of fact, people from south east Asia will found profound cultural similarity in the Southern part of India.

On the other hand, students from the northern part of Asia such as Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Pakistan along with middle east will find compact similarities to the norther Indian segments. 

We have gone through an enormous level of research and find out that people from all over the Asia find the Indian culture amusing.


It is true that India makes home to anyone who wishes to make it a home. As a result of huge epidemiological diversity, the population spread across the land ought to find similarities with the foreigners as well as foreign students. Lots of foreign students are considering India as their second home as well.


It is a sure thing that at the end of the day, only education matters and that is why foreign students are believing in India. It is not only providing high quality education, but also the price is reasonable. That is why, people from English speaking countries might find it interesting in India. Children's Learning Cottage


Indian Universities will always encourage you to learn more and to be the finest version of yourself. The experiences you would have, the relationships you could make and the recognition might obtain, all of them would blend in to a piece to become a memory.

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