How probability theory can help in online casinos

Posted by Rene Germain on February 29th, 2020

Any gambler would be interested to know how to calculate the very only successful number that will bring him a fortune. Skeptics argue that this is impossible: of course, in order to calculate the probability of a red or black cell falling out on a roulette wheel, or to calculate with what regularity certain cards or suits fall on a card table, one must either have a brilliant mind or be engaged in this for years. However, many people continue to believe that probability theory can influence the course of the game and lead them to the coveted gain. Is it possible? How to protect yourself from the biggest failure in life - losing on the endless expanses of online casinos In fact, trying to predict the behavior of, for example, a ball in Russian roulette is an absolutely useless activity. Basically, you need to rely only on yourself and no one else. Why? Imagine that you have to track the number of times a cell falls out of a certain color, in which the ball will appear in a particular situation, and understand by what principle and in what sequence the ball falls into these holes of different colors. It's impossible. If it were possible, would casino owners even place the ill-fated roulette in their halls? The same system appears in the game of dice. When and in what sequence do different combinations fall on different cups? It is impossible to answer these questions in the same way as to use this system. But let's not rush to conclusions. Probability theory is a mathematical law, so we should turn to mathematics. To put it in the language of mathematicians, the inability to predict which cell the ball will be in in the game of roulette is explained by the continuous and infinite distribution of random numbers. The most complicated rules for an ordinary person were compiled by great mathematicians for centuries from simple rules and truths. However, it is not so difficult to deal with the theory of probability, you just need to delve into it. For example, every person in their right mind knows that Monday follows the week of Tuesday, and does not doubt this statement. So imagine that with the same unshakable certainty, this person will have to know that if in the roulette ball was in a black cell at number seven, then during the next round the ball will fall into a specific cell of thirty-seven proposed variations. The probability of this event is expressed as the ratio of unity to 37, or more precisely 0, 027. However, even in this situation, you should not think that you can win if you bet seven seven times in a row on seven blacks. Why? The answer is simple, you just need to think about it: any accidents that are associated with the law of distribution of numbers, for example, playing roulette or dice, including any complex events (that is, which is logical, consisting of a certain number of simple ones, as, for example, go to the casino, bet on the right number and win), all connected by the same law mentioned above. To put it bluntly, in order to receive the long-awaited winnings, you must multiply the chances of winning under the condition of each bet option. The application of probability theory in games in online casinos is very difficult and not always justified, as already mentioned at the very beginning of the article. Consider this in practice. Imagine that you make your first bets only on red, and the next time you stubbornly bet exclusively on the black three. The probability that you will receive your winnings in the first option is calculated in relation to 18 to 37, which is equal to 0.486. In the second variation, the chances are reduced to the ratio of unity to 37, which, as we found out, is 0, 027. Thus, we get a set of probabilities - that is, the possibility of achieving a winning position in the variant of both bets. This probability is 0.013. From these calculations, we can conclude that it is best to make more than two bets in one round to achieve your goal, as well as bet on those combinations that are more likely than others (that is, only on red or just black). It is hardly worth relying on probability theory when you bet nine million on seven red. With such experiments, you need to be very careful.

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