Mama Mia, the Mia Isabella Sex Doll Is Hot

Posted by adairsawyer on July 7th, 2012

If you have this strong desire to drill a she-male but are scared to express that in public, you have two choices. You can either jack off watching tranny porn or calling a tranny home and getting her drilled as you like it. The latter being a risky thing, you then have to find another option, and the third option which most men who fancy trannies would do is to buy the mia isabella sex doll for fun and pleasure. Now you don’t have to bring home a real tranny and face consequences later. Like many other men who desire trannies secretly but don’t want to be caught with one, you can now have a sexy tranny love doll in your home.

When you strip the mia Isabella sex doll, you would be surprised and super excited seeing her features and sexy contours. She would have the perfect 36D breasts that would jiggle as you pound her from behind. And her ass is so round and apple like, you would want to bite it and lube her hole for deeper penetration as well. Mia wouldn’t say NO to any of your rough sexual needs and desires, she would always bend and give you head when you want her to. She comes with in-built vibrators and masturbators which would make you go wild when you manhood is in one of her holes and orifices. So get home this love doll today and experience the she-male fantasy you always secretly wanted to have.

Moreover the mia Isabella sex doll doesn’t call for high maintenance. Wash her with warm water after every use and ensure to powder her well after she is dry, she will be then be fit and fine for your next need. And since she is willing to go down on every need of yours, you can practice pinching her nipples while pounding her from behind as well. Most women wouldn’t allow you to go anal with her, and most bottom gay men would squirm at the thought as well. But the love doll Mia, is ready for all the hardcore action you would like to have with her, she won’t keep you waiting for long.

So if you are planning to bring home a mia Isabella sex doll, ensure that you are ready to go all the way to cloud nine, because that’s where this doll would take you to. She has a massive enormous cock which you can play with while you hump her hard from behind. And don’t forget to use your other hands to pin her head down when she allows you to go anal on her.  She is ever so willing to make love and have the best sex with you, now don’t bother about your partner not willing and wanting to do the same for you, because Mia is now your sex buddy.

Now don’t wait any longer folks, get drilled or drill a tranny doll for real. Love dolls such as Mia are made for your needs, go ahead and enjoy what she has on offer.

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