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Where to sell hog manure turner machine for pig farm

Posted by Fertilizer Granulator on February 29th, 2020

The treatment and reuse of pig manure can be realized by using compost turner machine. The goal of modern breeding is to protect the environment and health of the breeding environment. The sustainable development of animal husbandry can only be realized by implementing a healthy and ecological breeding mode in the process of breeding. In the pig farm, the modern organic fertilizer production equipment realizes the recycling utilization of the cultivation waste, which makes the ecological and clean animal husbandry mode come true.

Organic fertilizer aerobic fermentation

Organic fertilizer raw material fermentation is to use the continuous propagation of fermentation bacteria to degrade the materials. In this process, the materials will keep heating up. When the temperature reaches 60℃, it is necessary to use pig manure turner machine to dump the materials, so that the materials can be ventilated. Generally, the materials can be turned over every two days, so that the circulation can be repeated for about two weeks, and the materials can be thoroughly decomposed.

Hog Manure Windrow Turner

The stacking depth of our company's windrow turner is generally between 80-130cm. When stacking fermented materials, hog manure should be evenly sprayed on the litter, and fermenting bacteria should be added. During the mixing process of the windrow turning machine, the air in the material is circulated, and the litter is fully fermented. About two weeks, composting is realized, and finally organic fertilizer is produced. During the fermentation process, the temperature of the compost increased rapidly, and water was increased, thereby achieving zero discharge of manure. The windrow turning machine speeds up the processing of the overall fertilizer manufacturing process and improves the production efficiency.

The price of pig manure turner varies according to the model, and the wider the span, the higher the price. Therefore, customers should consider the factors of equipment price, site, etc. when purchasing the tipper, and choose a suitable model according to the investment and the production scale of organic fertilizer. In addition to the windrow turner, our company also produces double screws turner, trough compost turner and so on, with a variety of specifications for customers to choose.

When the compost material is thoroughly decomposed, it is sent to the organic fertilizer production line and processed into special commercial fertilizer by the fertilizer granulator machine. It can also be directly crushed into powder organic fertilizer for use.

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