Legal Reasons for Deportation in the U.S

Posted by Joseph Franks on March 1st, 2020

A large number of individuals come to the U.S. every year, with hopes of living a better life. Unfortunately, not all of them enter the country of opportunities on legal grounds. A person who has crossed the U.S border illegally (without visa) has no right to stay within. Deportation is the process of banishing an intruder or foreigner from the country, or sending them back to where they came from. Orlando Immigration Attorneys, FL, can help accomplish your American dream by clearing legal liabilities and enabling stability. A person possessing a valid visa (temporary or permanent) or green card can also be expelled for various reasons; some of the common ones are listed below:

Criminal Conviction

As an immigrant in the U.S, it is your foremost duty to abide by Federal laws and display excellent moral conduct. While minor infractions and misdemeanors are not subject to deportation, crimes that are more serious will cause you to lose citizenship. Drug crimes, human trafficking, domestic abuse, smuggling, firearm offenses, and all acts of violence (including murder, terrorism, sex crimes etc.) will instigate your removal. Multiple convictions for “moral turpitude” such as dishonesty, theft, and involuntary manslaughter can also put you at risk of deportation, as the court may deem you unsuitable to remain part of a community.

Immigration Violation

All outsiders are obligated to follow immigration laws in order to guarantee a sound stay in the U.S. Foreigners who have entered the country with visitation rights must abstain from working. It is important to obey the provisions of your stay, so anyone with a non-immigrant visa shall have to attain an EAD (Employment Authorization Document) to legally qualify for a job in the region. If you change your residence within the country, you must inform the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) committee within ten days; failure to do so may result in a deportation notice.

If you wish to receive a green card, you must prove that you are capable of bearing all living expenses in the country. In case you are unable to get by on your own and attain public government assistance in less than five years since your arrival, expulsion is likely. Overstaying your visa, posing as a local citizen, or going against any clauses in a conditional visa are a few other pretexts for trouble. Legal assistance is recommended to avoid any misconceptions regarding the law.                                 

Fraudulent Activities

Many foreigners turn to lies and deceit to secure a place in the U.S. Fake marriages and forged documentation have become a commonplace strategy. This includes identity scams and exaggerated/fabricated assets in official records or statements. Many people enter into a contract marriage with a local to acquire a permanent residence or green card. Living/working legally and having no criminal record will not save them from consequences of the sham. If a couple succeeds in demonstrating that they intend to live together and fulfill all legal matrimony requirements for more than two years, the risk of deportation can be sidestepped. However, terminating the marriage within two years may reek of pretense, and the immigrant shall be deported for committing fraud.

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