Beware of Immigration Scams

Posted by Joseph Franks on March 1st, 2020

Shortcut methods to gain entry into a country are always illegal, so steer away from anyone who promises ‘quick and guaranteed’ immigration. International markets are brimming with shady agencies and unauthorized agents who are just out there to rob you. Whether you want to go abroad for work, study, or a visit, you must go through the proper channels, and only consult professionals for guidance.

Immigration Lawyers in New Yorkprofess that majority of immigration scammers trap clients by making promises they cannot keep (and never intend to) or saying what they want to hear. Many of them pose as certified advocates and disappear without a trace once they have your money. In case you somehow reach your destination, the best-case scenario is that you are still in one piece and eventually get deported. There are several companies that genuinely help with immigration, and the people within are licensed lawyers; they will properly assess your case and inform you of practical options.

The form for U.S immigration is free of charge and downloadable from the official USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) website. Do not trust any non-government sources and if someone tries to sell this form to you, consider it the first red flag. The USCIS website includes instructions for filling out this form, so once again do not rely on unauthorized personnel for assistance. You have to provide correct information in all the blank spaces; if someone tells you otherwise, then there’s definitely something fishy. Many agencies claim to be associated with USCIS, though only a few are actually telling the truth.

Completion of paperwork and processing of the immigration application takes time, and literally, no one outside the USCIS can accelerate the procedure. Once you have submitted the documents, all you can do is patiently wait for the response. Think of it as a game of chance, where the result is unpredictable. Nobody has the power to provide 100% surety of a positive outcome. An experienced attorney may let you know the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and perhaps mention the level of probability.

Visa lotteries are a real thing, but some fraudulent agencies may use it to manipulate you. The U.S DOS (Department of State) annually issues about fifty thousand ‘diversity visas’ for natives of countries with low immigration rates. Do not be fooled by emails that claim to be from DOS and ask you to contact them. Never give out your personal info or wire them money. No matter how real the email looks, report it to the official site and wait for their reply. Also keep in mind that no one can rig the lottery; hence, if anybody tells you that they can increase your chances of winning, immediately assume that it is a hoax.

If you are certain that you are working with a trusted partner for immigration, you shall still thoroughly read all the documentation before sealing the deal. Do not make the mistake of signing a blank document, because that is plain consent for the con to take advantage of you.

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