Nasal Swab May Prevent China Virus

Posted by Donald Hood on March 2nd, 2020

(1888 PressRelease) New nasal swab designed to prevent illness resulting from multiple virus infections.

San Francisco, CA - A bi-metallic nasal swab may prevent the onset of symptoms if the nasal swab is used soon after a person is exposed to the corona virus. This simple swab was designed to fight the virus in two ways, including on-contact killing the virus in the nasal passage and the upregulation of the person’s own immune system to combat the virus.

Three years ago a small pharmaceutical research company began R&D work to develop a prevention for multiple virus infections, including the rhinovirus (the cause of the common cold) and flu virus infections.

Limited testing of the bi-metallic swab has been carried out in two states -- Oklahoma and Arizona. The results have shown that if a person uses the nasal swab as a preventative, the users have not contacted either the cold virus or any flu virus.

The nasal swab was designed to prevent illness resulting from multiple virus infections which can result from transmission of the virus from person to person, when people breath the same air. Coughing and sneezing make it almost impossible to prevent exposure, so the nasal swab is designed to begin the fight against the virus on first contact, before the virus has time to replicate and produce the onset of symptoms.

“No claims of treatment or cure can be made until testing of the nasal swab can be carried out. The swab is available for testing by any laboratory currently investigating prevention or treatment of the corona virus,” said Howard Phillips,

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