Non-Dairy Creamer Market Size, Growth, Trends and Forecast Report - 2027

Posted by pooja paralkar on March 2nd, 2020

Non-dairy creamers are also known as coffee whiteners and tea whiteners. These are popular in offices as replacements for liquid and granular substances. Usually these are used to replace cream, milk, or simply used as additives in popular drinks. There are a wide variety of non-dairy creamers available in the market including hot chocolate, coffee, tea, and other beverages. Although these are largely in demand due a fast-styled caffeine driven work life. However, these also provide several advantages to end-consumers. These can contain casein, a milk-derived protein. Additionally, these are not required to be refrigerated. So quick application can also save considerable costs and provide them a long shelf life. Rising demand for flavors and addition of key flavors like hazelnut, vanilla, and Irish cream are expected to make promising new in-roads in the non-creamer dairy market. Moreover, low fat and low- calorie products are also rising in demand.

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Trends like veganism are increasingly on the rise. One hand, red meat has come under fire for various health-related risks. On the other hand, startups like Impossible Foods are quickly replacing meat-based traditional foods with vegan alternatives. This highlights a key consumer trend towards natural foods and ingredients. This is expected to bring in major changes in the non-dairy creamer market as well. Recently, Seven Eleven, one of the largest store chains in the US announced adoption of Silk’s single-serve dairy-free creamers. These new products are touted as free from cholesterol, gluten, colorings, artificial flavors, and saturated fats. The adoption of the vegan option can provide a new direction to the global non-dairy creamer market in the near future.

The global non-dairy creamer market is expected to register steady growth as new consumer trends promise to open new opportunities. These include new flavors like almonds, coconut, and rice-based natural creamers. The market is expected to witness major uptake of natural products as increasing association of artificial flavors with health-risks are driving change in consumption. Additionally, these changing patterns are likely to affect small products like creamers significantly as these are easiest to replace. Trends like veganism are affecting big chains considerably. Recently, Burger King, perhaps the biggest brand for meat-lovers has adopted vegan meat to replace beef in its menu. The new trends are likely to create new opportunities and challenges for growth in the non-dairy creamer market.

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The global non-dairy creamer market is expected to witness major growth in North America region. The growing demand for non-fat, natural, and flavored creamers are expected to drive significant growth for the market. Additionally, gluten free and cholesterol free options are also expected to make significant headways in the North America region in the market. The global non-dairy creamer market is likely to witness robust growth in Asia Pacific region as well. The large population in the region, changing lifestyle, and rising disposable income are expected to drive significant growth for the market in the region. The global non-dairy creamer market is likely to continue its robust growth in Europe as coffee, and tea remain integral part of many cultures. Rising demand for new flavors are expected to propel market in the region.

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