How to choose a good airless spraying equipment?

Posted by luxi on March 2nd, 2020

When many painters choose airless paint sprayer, they often worry about the quality, durability and maintenance of the machine. So today I will tell you how to choose a good airless spraying equipment.

1. First of all, when we choose to look at the motor, the motor is divided into two categories: brush motor and brushless motor. Brushed motor means that the machine will burn when working for 1-2 hours. Brushless motor will not burn at all even if you work for 16 hours a day, because it is a circuit board, which is what we call electronic screen adjustment.

2. Secondly, look at the pump body. Of course, there are many kinds of pump bodies. At present, the most popular pump bodies in the market are stainless steel pump bodies and porcelain spray pump bodies.

Of course, the stainless steel pump body is made of metal. We all know that metal is not very corrosion resistant. If paint spraying chooses this metal pump, there is no problem, but if he sprays paint, it is certainly not durable, because the metal will expand and deform after corrosion, and the sealing ring inside it will be damaged due to deformation of the metal pump during work.

On the contrary, the pump body sprayed with porcelain will not, because the pump body sprayed with porcelain, porcelain is known to be corrosion-resistant, and the surface is very smooth, there is no interference to the sealing gasket, and it is very suitable for spraying paint and corrosion-resistant materials.

3. The last thing to look at is the atomization effect. A good sprayer sprays out small and then big, not big and then small, because the big and then small shows that the sprayer is boring, and the sprayed paint will be dispersed into the air, not to mention waste. When spraying on the wall surface, you will find that it is not uniform and will make the wall surface uneven.

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