Skate style is a peg for most people due to its effortless appeal

Posted by AngeloEverton on July 15th, 2012

When we break down fashion niches, like preppy style, hip-hop or skater style, we always go back to the term references. The 21st century is an era designed to explore the old and reinvigorate styles, creating a Hodge podge of eclectic looks. Nowadays, someone wearing a certain brand can still look as chic and as dapper when purposely styled to evoke that idea. People are now more experimental with brands, colours, and styles and while there is still that omnipresent idea of uniform dressing depending on what social group you belong to, much of the differences have been obliterated because of the internet media, expanding the way we look and see fashion and global style.

Skateboard chic

The skater style has always been about basics. You see someone wearing a simple fitted tee from Obey clothing with a very graphic print on front and functional cargo from Carhartt shorts. They wear their skate shoes; throw their caps to their heads and of course, the all-important skateboard. In the last few years, we have seen skateboard fashion as a niche of urban style, where there are so many sub-groups that have also melded with the skate style. Hip hop for instance has adopted elements from skate style clothing like wearing skate shoes for everyday purposes and other hints and details. The skate style, for a moment, has become a trend.

The big companies

Much of the attention on skate style clothing can be attributed to the support and attention of big companies to this emerging niche, thanks to media hype and the popularity of skateboard celebs like Tony Hawk. The massive potential for business has also been noticed by PPR, the massive corporate entity owning top labels like Alexander McQueen and even Gucci. The desire to create stylish clothing for skaters has become priority. Nowadays, you will find that smaller brands and mass fashion brands are taking notes too, pushing for more variety for the masses.

Blurring the lines

Skate style is a particular style that mostly is made up of classic pieces like shorts, jeans, a statement shirt, and skate shoes. Now, the lines are getting blurred by adapting skate style in common clothing lingo. You will see a lot of people walking around with skate shoes or maybe buying from, a brand that focuses, mainly on skate fashion for daily use. In a way, it is not that difficult to understand why, since skate style is pretty much an easy style to incorporate.

The laid back coolness of skateboarding could also be the reason why brands are just getting into the bandwagon. Nevertheless, one thing’s for sure: you can look cool like a skateboarder without even touching a skateboard. It is just a matter of styling and exuding that attitude that is laidback and free. Nowadays, you will see people wearing street style brands like Obey Clothing or Carhartt shorts. The attitude towards fashion is always forward but when it comes to classic and basic outfits, there is always a space for our closets. That must be the reason why skate style is so popular: it’s so effortless.

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