wii u gamepad stand cradle set

Posted by sherkhansahu on March 2nd, 2020

wii u gamepad stand cradle set

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There will be two different versions of the Wii U available. The basic set will be available for 9.99 and the deluxe version will be available for 9.99.

What Do You Get for Your Money?

The Basic Version

The basic version comes in white and features 8 GB of internal memory for storage. It will include the Wii U game console, the Wii U GamePad, an AC adapter for the console, an AC adapter for the GamePad, a high speed HDMI cable, and a sensor bar.wii u gamepad stand cradle set

The Deluxe Version

The deluxe version comes in black and features 32 GB of internal memory for storage. It will include everything in the basic version and in addition to that it will also include a Wii U GamePad Cradle, a Wii U GamePad Stand, a Wii U Console Stand, and a copy of Nintendo Land. Nintendo Land is a game that consists of a variety of mini games featuring some of the more popular Nintendo franchises. It will also help gamers become familiar with the controls and functionality of the Wii U remote and accessories. wii u gamepad stand cradle set

The Wii U GamePad Controller

One thing that the new Wii U system has that the original system did not was the GamePad controller. The GamePad controller connects wirelessly with the Wii U console and your television. It features a built in touch screen, motion controls, and also has all of the buttons and control sticks needed to play any of the Wii U games.  wii u gamepad stand cradle set

You can use the GamePad for playing games of course but it can also be used with Nintendo TiiV which will allow users to find and watch television shows, movies, and sporting events using television channels, on-demand services, or your DVR. You will also be able to browse the Internet with your Wii U GamePad and share your Internet activity with your television screen.

How Much More?

If you have the Wii along with games and accessories, the beautiful thing about the Wii U is that you'll be able to use just about all your old stuff. So, once you fork out the cost of the Wii U system, you can get to gaming immediately. Of course, you may want to buy a few of your favorite Wii U games to take advantage of the upgrades in processor and graphics.

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