South Indian Cuisine’s Integral Sambar Recipe

Posted by rima chauhan on March 2nd, 2020

South Indian dishes are the mixture of spices, and the beneficial ingredients blended at a perfect proportion never disappoints anyone. It attracts people from various North Indian states and abroad to come to the South Indian states to experience the delicious cuisines. Sambar has a significant part of South Indian cuisine, which can’t be replaced with any other dish. This classic vegetarian dish is a mixture of vegetables and the perfectly chosen spices. The dish is the perfect way to make sure that the kids who refuse to eat vegetables get all the nutritional qualities to encourage their growth.

History about the evolution of Sambar:

The preparation of Sambar has the story that it was accidentally happened by the “Sambhaji” instead of making dal curry, made a new dish with tamarind added to it. With the vast popularity of sambhar dishes, fresh spices were incorporated in Sambar to increase the taste of the dish. This is mentioned as the beginning of this delicious and nutritional rich quality dish.

The taste has variations according to the food habits of people in different areas, even though the necessary ingredients don’t change. Some ingredients may have increased or reduced dominance in the recipe when the variations of taste are made.

Explore the added benefits in Sambar recipe:

There are numerous benefits of including the Sambar recipe as a part of the daily menu as it is rich with all the essential elements for a better healthy life. The main ingredients of the sambar start from the pulses, which have a large number of proteins. It helps in muscle growth mainly for vegans as they don’t eat non-veg items that are rich with proteins.

Digestion of the person who consumes the food is improved with the help of fibrous components in the recipe. The right proportion of spices mixed with vitamin-rich vegetables sustains high immunity and other numerous health benefits. Most of the vegetables can be used in the preparation of the dish, and the effects of them are obtained from the dish without getting destroyed.

Sambar is a perfect dish that featured the benefits of all the vitamins and minerals of the vegetables and healthy spices used in the preparation of the recipe. The dish accompanies popular items like hot Idlis and Dosa, which is an integral part of South Indian’s breakfast. It has all beneficiary elements to boost up the healthy body and doesn’t require for any other vegetable dish while having sambar.

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