How Can You Refill Your Inkjet Cartridge

Posted by jackbandy on July 17th, 2012

The task of refilling an inkjet cartridge is a piece of cake - you just need to have proper knowledge pertaining to the same. Although this task can be easily done and you will have brand new printer ink once again, it is advisable to keep certain steps in mind in order to accomplish the task and make a flawless job of it. If print quality is important to you then you shouldn’t compromise on it by using cheap cartridges because you will get bad quality prints. The quality of the cartridges directly impacts the quality of the print and therefore one should always invest in a good ink cartridge.
It is always better to refill your inkjet printer with a printer ink cartridge offered by the same brand as the printer. For instance, if you are using an Epson inkjet printer then you should refill using cartridges Epson. Likewise if you are using a Canon printer then a cartridges Canon would be recommended and so on. At times one will have difficulty finding the original inkjet cartridge and in such a scenario it would be advisable to settle for the second best option. These secondary options tend to be a bit cheaper but there is no variance in quality. 
Knowing how to have your inkjet cartridge refilled serves a lot of objectives and it even helps you save money. One of the worst mistakes that people make when refilling is that they tend to overfill their inkjet cartridges with printer ink. In case you do overfill the cartridge and it is leaking then you shouldn’t make another mistake by popping the leaky cartridge into the printer. When buying printer cartridges one should always opt for refillable versions. In this way you will only need an ink refill kit to get the job done. Additionally, newspapers and paper towels would also come in handy.
A printer ink refill is generally inexpensive and it can be purchased online or at any office supply stores. Considering the price of a brand new inkjet cartridge one would be better off refilling the cartridge using certain reputed brands. The best way to perform the refilling task would be doing it on a flat surface like a table or the ground. Wear disposable gloves and spread the newspaper on the ground before placing the empty cartridge on top of it to absorb any ink spills. Reading the instructions manual that came with the kit prior to refilling would be advisable in order to avoid errors or mistakes.
To get started you should locate the holes on top of the inkjet cartridge. These holes would reveal themselves easily if you just glide your fingers across the cartridge label. Now get a sharp nail, a pen or a pencil for the purpose of piercing the refill holes of the cartridge so that the printer ink can be poured in. If you have a color printer then you will need to put four colors namely black, cyan, yellow and magenta into the cartridge while the black-and-white version requires only a single color. You need to be mindful about putting the right color into the right hole.
A toothpick can be inserted into the hole for the purpose of checking the printer ink color as in this way you won’t end up making mistakes. Now inset the syringe of the refill ink into the hole and dispense the ink into the right cartridge hole. Do it slowly so that you don’t overfill the inkjet cartridge. Once you are done you don’t have to seal the holes that you have made thanks to the breather holes present at the top of the cartridge. Now replace the cartridge back into the printer and execute the print head cleaning cycle several times before you take any prints.

The option of refilling an inkjet cartridge is definitely one which is replete with advantages, the foremost being its cost-effective nature. Depending on the type of printer, it is just a question of choosing the appropriate printer ink and filling the cartridge by following all the instructions.

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