Tasty Dhokla Recipes for Perfect Snacks

Posted by sandeepw on March 2nd, 2020

Indian cuisines are widely recognised as the recipes that will have not only tasty contents but also has some beneficial qualities that make a perfect meal. The blend of delicious and spicy ingredients makes the mouth water of the eaters. Many have the hobby of exploring new tastes that can satisfy their taste buds, and India serves the best place as it has a variety of tastes, which varies with places and traditions. Dhokla is such a proper vegetarian snack that can be served for breakfast or as a snack in the evening. The recipes are purely vegetarian based and can be tried by everyone.

Origin of the Dhokla recipe

Dhokla recipe serves the best dish to a protein-rich diet and gives a tasty food to satisfy the eaters. The origin of dhokla is said to be in Gujarat, and thus it is a part of the Indian flavours. It has gained popularity all around the country and renders a delicious meal to the people who visit the country from abroad.

The dish is on the dining table as a side dish to the main course or as an evening snack to boost up the energy. Many of such recipes have strengthened the position of dhokla in the food industry. The elements of the recipe are mixed in other proportions also to explore the new taste.

More about Dhokla

Soft Fluffy Dhokla is mainly preferred as a snack along with the combination of chutneys, which is yet another taste strived in the country. It is a common traditional dish that can be found in every households and hotels. The dhokla is prepared in the form of spongy cake with garnishing of various spicy ingredients.

The softness of the dish also depends on variations in the proportion of the ingredients used for different varieties of snacks while preparing it. The recipe is a little bit tough to get made as the mixture should be kept overnight or for hours to get the fermentation done entirely, as it is necessary for dhoklas.

Dhokla is one of the varieties of snacks prepared in Indian households. This Gujarati dish has many variants that showcase the creative cooking style incorporating traditional tastes. It is a snack that gives the benefits of the added ingredients and makes with perfection. The nutritional values of the dish are preserved without losing it while preparing the dish.

The author is a travel and food blogger, who has experience of several years. The particular article assembles the information he collected during his trip about the famous dhokla recipe, which is an important dish that completes the meal.

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