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Posted by Tea Party Main Street on July 18th, 2012

TEA PARTY MEANING: Taxed Enough Already

TEA PARTY MOTTO: Ultra Conservatism Protecting U.S. Citizens, Animals & A Clean Enviroment


Reign the Tea Party in under the GOP. Sorry, NO ! We want both the RIGHT AND the LEFT to be VERY concerned with the Tea Party. The Tea Party is an opposition force against corrupt, bad & anti constitution politicians. They cannot control or manipulate it, they cannot isolate it and cut it off, they cannot surround it and overpower it because it is everywhere and exists in FREE thinking men and women who will simply VOTE as they see fit, not according to some "traditional" strategy, but according to the constitution.

No matter what ANYbody says, the Tea Party in fact outnumbers them. ALL of them. They had better take heed and not only mouth the words, but ACT ON THEM ! We expect them to vote and introduce bills according to the constitution we expect them to STOP the spending and reign in huge government. We expect them to do the will of the people who put them there.

WE do not need to wait until the anti constitutional politicials term is up, we CAN impose a recall vote, something we would like to see a LOT more of in the coming years. We want government terrified of going against the will of the people. Only then will your e-mail or letter to a senator or officeholder, get full attention of their staff. We are not talking a simple response, we are talking about customer SERVICE ! No, More like EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

That will ONLY happen, if we remain independent and unpredictable and thwart their "plans" and organization attempts. The only consistency should be the Constitution and the Constitutional candidate. If you lie to us or fail to perform, we recall you or vote you out next time. PERIOD.

So beware of the attempts to fold the Tea Party under the wing of the GOP. The progressive socialist communist will abandon the DEMs and will infiltrate the GOP and so called independents. They will use ANYone and ANY means to continue their outrage against the people and the Constitution. Our JOB 1 is to frustrate that everywhere we find it.

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